Gregg Popovich is ejected barely 63 seconds in the game Spurs


Screenshot: YouTube

The Spurs head coach and rookie Gregg Popovich had to find a place to be on Wednesday night. At 10:57 of the first quarter of his team's game against the Denver Nuggets, just 63 seconds into the match, Popovich was hit by a double technique and sent off.

Referees Mark Ayotte and David Guthrie have evaluated the technical details after a break from Spurs following a dunk Jamal Murray, during a commercial break in the show. This has perhaps been the fastest ejection of a coach in the history of the NBA:

This is the second time that the old Popovich is eliminated in the last three games of San Antonio, after lost the lead in the officials in Sunday's loss to the Kings. This time he has at least held up the third quarter! On the other hand, by eliminating the ejection of Wednesday morning, he spared a lot of miseries: the Nuggets led by wire and up to 30 points, while keeping the Spurs at 85 points. . Who the hell wants to watch this mess? Clearly the right gesture.

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