Grenell congratulates Buttigieg on becoming second openly gay Cabinet member


Richard Grenell, who became the first openly gay man to sit in the president’s cabinet after being appointed acting director of national intelligence (DNI) last year, praised Pete Buttigieg for becoming the second after being confirmed at the head of the transport department by the Senate on Tuesday.

“Kudos to @PeteButtigieg for becoming the second openly gay member of the presidential cabinet. Welcome to the club! ”He tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The Senate voted to confirm Buttigieg as head of the department in an 86-13 vote earlier Tuesday. Although he is only the second openly gay person to be a member of the president’s cabinet in the country’s history, he is the first to be confirmed to cabinet by the Senate.

Grenell became the first openly gay cabinet member after former President Trump appointed him as DNI in February 2020.

The former ambassador to Germany also slammed the media for their coverage of Buttigieg’s confirmation, which often played on the historical aspects of Tuesday’s Senate vote.

“Fake news,” Grenell said in a response to the ABC News post.

Grenell, a staunch supporter of the Republican president, had previously served as U.S. ambassador to Germany and retained that post after being appointed head of the intelligence community. For this ambassadorial post, Grenell was confirmed by the Senate in April 2018.

At the time, the appointment sparked concern among Democrats and career leaders who expressed doubts about his qualifications for the job and pointed to earlier comments he had made about his willingness to “empower” them. conservative leaders “across Europe”.

“There are a lot of conservatives across Europe who reached out to me to tell me they felt there was a resurgence going on,” Grenell told Breitbart in an interview in 2018.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe was sworn in as Grenell’s successor at the end of May. A few days later, Grenell also resigned from his role as ambassador.

The Senate confirmed Avril Haines as President Biden’s DNI at the end of last month. She was the first of his Cabinet choices to be confirmed by the upper house.

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