Grimes talks about his "love" for Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO

Canadian singer Grimes stated that she was "not prepared" for all the attention she had had last summer after tweeting about Tesla 's organizing efforts. , the company run by his boyfriend at the time, Elon Musk.

In a profile for the release of his next album, "Miss_Anthropocene", WSJ Magazine asked Grimes – who prefers for the moment to call "c" – about his relationship with Musk, with who she started dating in the spring of 2018. Their The romance was marked by a series of events that caught the public's attention, since the troubles of Musk with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) until the the singer's dramatic quarrel with singer Azealia Banks.

Nevertheless, Grimes does not seem to resent the Tesla and SpaceX CEOs. Grimes called Musk "a damn interesting person".

"And look, I like it, it's great," she says. Musk told the magazine in an email that he loved his "wild fae artistic creativity and his hyper-intense work ethic".

Grimes does not get into the type of relationship that she has with Musk or not. The two men disassociated each other on social media in August, which led many to assume that they had separated. Grimes tweeted in January that she was "randomly" in China the same day that Musk was in the country to open her new Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai, and the two appeared on pictures eating together in a restaurant.

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Their relationship, if any, has been far from being without history. Grimes repeatedly used Twitter to defend Musk from accusations that Tesla had tried to prevent attempts to unionize employees and retaliated against those who tried to do so. In the tweets deleted since then, Grimes called it "false news" that Musk has attempted to stop union efforts. She went on to say that she herself had tried to encourage employees to vote for unionization.

In her interview with WSJ Magazine, Grimes said that she was "just not prepared" for the amount of traction that her tweets about Tesla would get.

"I just thought I could continue following my funny little way, and then you would casually respond to someone in a tweet and pass it on Fox News, and you look like, 'yuck'. "You know?" It was a very disturbing moment, "said Grimes. "I thought," Oh, I can never tweet about … I have to watch who I'm retweeting. "

One of the most remarkable incidents of their relationship however concerns Banks. Grimes and Banks were working on a song collaboration last year, but the effort was hijacked by a drama related to Musk and Tesla.

On the eve of the day Banks went to Los Angeles to work with Grimes at Musk's home, Tesla's CEO released his infamous "secure financing" tweet that implied that he was planning to smuggle the company at $ 420 per share. Banks told Business Insider that Musk had apparently been distracted all weekend, and she had seen him "in the kitchen tidying his tail between his legs, looking for investors to cover his ass after this tweet".

Banks said that Grimes and Musk basically hid during the weekend to limit the damage. Later, Banks described his weekend at Musk as a scene from the horror film "Get Out". Banks and Grimes later exchanged blows on the text, calling Grimes "Breaking Metaphysics" and Grimes accusing Banks of being a "narc". Grimes and Musk both refused to talk to WSJ Magazine about the incident with Banks.

What followed the whole saga is now well known: a SEC investigation and a settlement in which Musk had to pay a $ 20 million fine, resign from his position as chairman of the Tesla board during three years and agree to publish his tweets about Tesla's activities. projected.

"People, friends, continue to be like, you should not have to change!" she told WSJ Magazine. "But you know what, the world is a b —- Accept the world Instead of wishing it to be different, determine what you need to do and do it."

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