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Guys share how they helped their friends cope with depression

Mental health remains a subject surrounded by stigma, which is gradually degraded by open and honest conversations. Communication on this subject is particularly crucial for men, who often suffer in silence; the suicide rate among men continues to climb. The importance of discussing mental wellness with your male friends and being able to ask for help when you need it can not be underestimated.

A recent Reddit article asked for advice on the best ways to help a man with depression. A man who suffers from depression himself said: "Be present (offer to talk whenever he wants, give advice when he asks, etc.)", but you also put in guard against any attempt at excessive empathy, as this may seem overwhelming. and end up centering you in the conversation. "Depressed people usually have relatively low energy, especially if they have been treated for a long time," he said. "Offer to go with him to outings if he wishes, but again, be careful not to be too urgent.You can suggest a therapy, but nothing guarantees that it will be ready to go – even less than he's already in therapy. "

"Last but not least, be aware of your own mental health," he said. "I find that many people tend to think that they can" heal "their friend's depression by doing what you have.All you can do, as his friend says, you're available to talk if so, suggest the treatment solution, and potentially provide solutions that may have worked for you if you have suffered / suffer from depression yourself. "

Another speaker recommended patience. "NEVER, tell them that they react excessively," they said. "Their" story "will start to sound repetitive – but understand that a depressed person often relives his worst memories in a loop and that's all he can think of. Do not expect that # They come out of it as if by magic, aged for you, it's as fresh as yesterday to their brains. "

Similarly, another comment warned against trying to "put things in perspective" by explaining how things might be worse, or by pointing people with what you might perceive as "more important" or "real" problems. "- this would only make your friend worse. . Many commentators have talked about the guilt complex they struggled with as part of their depression. Trying to remind someone of the good things in their life will only make the situation worse and give them shame.

Regular contact and informing someone that they can contact you (without forcing them to speak) can have a positive impact, as one man reminds us: "One thing I will never forget, My friend asked me to have breakfast every Thursday, "he said. "It allowed me to get up and take a shower and in the sun before noon, so I had to talk to people I did not know (cashiers)." We sat and talked about little things. did not even know how much she helped me at the time. "

If you or someone around you has depression, suicidal thoughts, or other mental health problems, here's how to get help.

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