Gwyneth Paltrow drops off suit in ski deal

Paltrow filed a complaint against Terry Sanderson on Wednesday. In documents obtained by CNN, the actress and founder of GOOP claims to have skied.

Paltrow "enjoyed skiing with her family on vacation in Utah, when the complainant – who was standing upstream of Ms. Paltrow – was stuck in her back. She was punched in the body". Ms. Paltrow was angry with the plaintiff and said so. The plaintiff is excused. She was upset and upset and stopped skiing for the day, even though it was still morning, "says the claim.

Sanderson filed a lawsuit against Paltrow in January for damages of $ 3.1 million. He claims that Paltrow "lost control of his ski", knocked him out, wounding him severely, including "a brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries".

However, despite Sanderson's statements that Paltrow later abandoned the skier abandoning on the side of the mountain, his countersuit indicates that an employee of Deer Valley Resort was present at the incident and was determined that Sanderson had "taken [Paltrow] from behind. "

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Paltrow ski instructor Eric Christiansen, the resort and two unnamed resort staff are also listed as defendants in Sanderson's lawsuit.

A representative from Deer Valley told CNN that he "will not comment on the outstanding legal issues regarding the complex or our customers".

CNN contacted Christiansen and Sanderson's lawyers for their comments.

CNN's Drew Iden contributed to this report.

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