Gypsy Rose Blanchard engaged to Pen Pal Prison

Gypsy Rose Blanchard may be currently behind bars for her role in the murder of her mother, but that does not mean that she has not found a little happiness in prison: a friend of the Family revealed that Gypsy was engaged fiance while behind bars.

Franchesca Macelli told PEOPLE magazine on Friday that Gypsy and her fiancée "are very happy" with their future together.

"You can hear the excitement in her voice," she says.

Macelli, who would not disclose the man's identity out of respect for Gypsy's wishes, added that the couple had started dating about a year and a half after writing a correspondence with a man. correspondent while Gypsy was in prison.

"[This relationship] It's a good thing for her, "Macelli told PEOPLE. "And if it ends up being that way in the end, nobody knows it, but for her right now, it's a very positive and happy time."

This engagement is just one of the many ways Gypsy's family and friends say it flourishes, now that she is no longer under the abusive cup of her mother.

For years, his mother, Clauddine "Dee Dee" Blanchard, allegedly claimed that Gypsy had everything from leukemia to muscular dystrophy, to developmental problems, forcing him to endure multiple surgeries and medical treatments unnecessary – a state known as Munchausen by proxy.

The violence continued until Nicholas Godejohn, Gypsy's boyfriend, stabbed Dee Dee to death in 2015. In February, he was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of first degree murder. . Gypsy was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree murder in 2016 for her role in orchestrating the attack.

Although she was imprisoned, her mother-in-law, Kristy Blanchard, told during an interview on April 2 that she had been liberated symbolically.

"She always says," I would rather be here than being with my mom, "said Kristy," She can walk, she can eat.

Most importantly, Kristy says that she can express herself. "She has a spine now."

When contacted Friday to comment on her daughter-in-law's engagement, Kristy said she did not give interviews at the moment.

Macelli, a screenwriter working on a fictional series about Gypsy's case with Kristy, said she had been conversing with Gypsy for two years.

In an interview on April 2, she told that Gypsy had changed a lot during this period and in a positive way: she saw Gypsy mature.

"At first, she knew that what she did was not the best option, but she did not really know what other options she had," she said. "Now she's thinking about how she could have done it differently."

She added that Gypsy regretted the role she had played in the murder of her mother, although she felt it was her only way out at the time. "Before, she was a puppet of what her mother wanted her to be," said Macelli.

Kristy added that Gypsy feels he is experiencing a "renaissance" and hopes to be released from prison in order to defend the victims of Munchausen by proxy.

In addition to a possible spiritual awakening, Gypsy also suffered a physical transformation.

No longer shaving her head, wearing pink or giant glasses, she now looks almost unrecognizable. Her hair started to grow when she was stopped, and by During her court appearances in 2016, she wore long locks of brunette. Interviews for the 2017 HBO documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest" and for "Dr. Phil "the same year, it is clear that Gypsy has completely changed since the time when she was abused by her mother.It is almost unrecognizable in her prison costume, her appearance is very different from that of her. a bald and sickly girl dressed in pink.

Instead, it looks vibrant, almost glowing.

Still small, she sported makeup by saying to Dr. Phil that she is not happy that her mother is dead, but that she is happy to be out of this situation. She has also swapped her big glasses for non-oversized glasses and has gained weight since being incarcerated. according to BuzzFeed News.

Kim Blanchard, Gypsy's friend (unrelated) BuzzFeed News, "She looked a lot more like the person she was, which was the complete opposite of the person I knew, and it was as if she had been wearing a suit all that time and the only thing I could do was look at her. then removed. "

Ethan Harfenist contributed to this report.

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