Hacker group claims to have stolen personal information from thousands of federal officials at the FBI

According to a new report, thousands of FBI members and law enforcement could be threatened after their personal data has been stolen and published by a group of anonymous hackers.

Hackers accessed three websites affiliated with FBI National Academy Associates, a nonprofit education and training program for law enforcement officials and located near the Academy of Human Rights. FBI in Quantico, Virginia, according to TechCrunch.

The stolen data includes about 4,000 records of members, including names, e-mail addresses, post titles, telephone numbers and mailing addresses of federal agents and law enforcement officers. Hackers claimed to have stolen "more than a million" of data from the violation.

Hackers claim to want to sell data on the dark Web. They have also published some of this information free of charge on their own websites in order to attract the interest of potential buyers and to make known the "interesting" nature of the content.

When asked if this information would endanger law enforcement officials, one of the hackers told TechCrunch: "Probably, yes."

"We have hacked over 1,000 sites," said the hacker. "We are now structuring all the data and they will soon be sold. I think something else will come out of the list of hacked government sites. "

The hacker said the group was able to access this information through security vulnerabilities on the websites, and claimed to have stolen this information in order to gain "experience and experience". ;money".

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