Hacker group publishes hundreds of legal cases

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By Associated press

BOSTON (AP) – Authorities investigated Saturday the online publication by a group of hackers personal information about hundreds of federal agents and police apparently stolen from websites affiliated with alumni of the National Academy of the FBI.

The Associated Press has identified at least 1,400 unique files of FBI employees, secret services, Capitol police, Park US police and other federal agencies, as well as representatives of the police and sheriffs of North Carolina and Florida. Records included personal addresses and phone numbers, emails and employer names.

Hackers have put hundreds of law enforcement documents online, authorities said.Al Drago / Bloomberg via the Getty Images file

FBI National Academy associates said in a statement that the information released Thursday night appeared to come from the websites of three local chapters of the association, which boasts nearly 17,000 members across the country and in 174 countries.

He indicated that he was working with the federal authorities to investigate.

The group stated that its national database was not affected. He pointed out that the three sections involved were using third-party software, but that it was "too early to determine whether this had an impact on the violation".

"If it is determined that there has been criminal activity, we will prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent permitted by law," said the group, based in Quantico, Virginia, where the company is located. 39; academy.

The AP does not identify the hackers website. A linked Twitter account indicates that the group is based in Ukraine.

The hacking has been reported for the first time by the TechCrunch information site.

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