Hal Steinbrenner Announces Good News on Yankees Core Contracts

WASHINGTON – Hal Steinbrenner has no regrets about the Yankee season. Despite the disappointment of the fans, they failed to land Manny Machado or Bryce Harper.

"These are two incredibly talented players," said Monday the Yankees' general partner in ESPN Radio's "The Michael Kay Show" show. "We talked about it and discussed it and the opinions varied, but I really felt our need – if we were to spend hundreds of millions of dollars – we needed to launch. Because, in my opinion – and people may not agree with me – that's why we have not managed to get to the ALCS – or the main reason we do not we did not do it. "

The Yankees therefore concentrated their resources on the signing of J.A. Happ and CC Sabathia and trading for James Paxton, while Machado went to San Diego and Harper to Philadelphia.

Steinbrenner also highlighted the extensions that the Yankees have granted to Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks. And the team fortified his enclosure. Steinbrenner added that there could be "more to come … stay tuned" about other potential extensions.

Aaron Judge said on the show that he and the Yankees had not talked about an extension.

"We were active," Steinbrenner said of the team's moves. "But, again, we were active, not spending all that money on one individual, but on many parts in an area where we really needed it."

Aaron Boone said he would use Tuesday to determine the composition of his opening day now that Alex Cobb could be replaced by Andrew Cashner as Baltimore star.

"I'll have the next 24 hours to nibble this," Boone said after the Yankees' 5: 3 loss to the Nationals at the Nationals Park.

Tyler Wade called his demotion of Triple-A Scranton / Wilkes-Barre "very disappointing" and "blinded" him Sunday.

Boone insisted he was pleased with Wade's public disapproval of the decision, which was made after the Yankees traded Mike Tauchman of Colorado to become the fourth player in the game. absence of Aaron Hicks.

"Guys are allowed to be angry, guys to be frustrated," Boone said before the Yankees meet the Nationals at the Nationals Park on Monday. "If there ever is a point where I think it's unhealthy or a distraction, conversations take place."

Instead, Boone wants to see how Wade handles his discontent once it reaches the miners.

"Tyler Wade came here and I think he's continued to make progress in his game in every way and that he was probably about to make our list [prior to the trade]"Boone said. "We play a lot and these guys invest a lot in their job. Now channeling frustration in the right way becomes very important. … What I'm looking for is, "What is his answer?" I want him to take on the task, knowing that he will be part of this team at some point and that he has the opportunity to have a great influence on our club. "

As for Tauchman, he arrived with a bag of equipment from the Rockies and said he was ready to play the three field positions after being acquired by southpaw Phillip Diehl.

"I have an aggressive approach in the field," said the 28-year-old.

His only previous trip to Yankee Stadium took place when he played for Double-A New Britain and led a group of his teammates in the Bronx in 2015.

"I found the subway for the group," Tauchman said. "I'm not an expert yet. We took the New Haven train. Everyone did it, barely. Each stop attracted more and more Yankee fans, so I thought we were on the right track. "

Greg Bird played the first goal for the first time since he was hit with a shot at the right elbow on Wednesday. He was DH on Sunday and replaced DJ LeMahieu on Monday.

LeMahieu went to third after Bird came in and Boone remained satisfied with LeMahieu's versatility.

"I've always said that I had the feeling that he was made for that and I'm confident that he will be able to handle the different positions," said Boone before the player LeMahieu is not able to play everywhere after serving as a player. Second Colorado baseball player. "But to participate in the spring training and watch his work and the way he reacts, we were really impressed."

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