Halo Infinite will be a "spiritual restart" for franchise – unfiltered IGN



Ross: "What does" Halo "mean to all of us?"

By Brian Barnett

Halo Infinite will be a "spiritual restart" for the Halo franchise, according to 343 Industries. In this month's unfiltered IGN episode, Ryan McCaffrey met Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, and discussed the development of Halo Infinite, among many other topics complete interview below).

While Halo Infinite is actually Halo 6, the 343 Industries team brings its experience of the entire Halo franchise to the development of this new game, which aims to reclaim what makes Halo such an iconic franchise. "We call this a" spiritual restart, "says Ross," it's like that we talk about it. "

According to Ross, 343 had "good times to learn" with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Halo 4 multiplayer suite, and the approach to REQ packs and free multiplayer Halo 5 cards, and the studio kept these moments in mind. while making Halo Infinite.

"There was a lot of introspective time to really think about what [we have] does like 343, "said Ross. Where did we make mistakes? Where did we hit the right? What does Halo mean to all of us? This [Halo Infinite reveal] The trailer we made is what Halo means for the studio. "

"Maybe it took us two games to get there, and I think we did good and bad things, but what does Halo mean to us? It's a matter of hope , marvel, heroism, humanity and community, and bring together a community.That's what this trailer is, and that's what we want to do. "

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