Hamidou Diallo said Thunder had participated in the All-Star Weekend


Earlier this week, Raymond Felton congratulated Russell Westbrook and Paul George for leading the Thunder as a backup leader, calling the chemistry team one of the best players he saw.

As a 14-year-old NBA veteran and the team's oldest player, this Felton praise means a lot to the organization because the 34-year-old played for several teams over the course of his career. his career in the league.

This chemistry was again exposed Saturday night.

While the NBA was meeting in Charlotte for the All-Star Weekend, the Thunder was in full force. Rookie Hamidou Diallo won the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, while Westbrook and George will take part in the all-star game Sunday night. Felton even made the trip to support his teammates.

Diallo was happy to have his veterans at his side.

That's all history. When we came out here, we all came here as one Thunder nation. Of course, we first wanted to take home this Slam Dunk from the NBA, and today, hopefully, one of these guys will take care of this business. side and bring something else home so we can bring back a lot of trophies to Oklahoma.

For his first night dunk attempt, Diallo turned to Westbrook to assist as Westbrook made a pass to the side of the back panel. Diallo grabbed the ball and then ground to wind to finish with his left hand.

Once Diallo was named winner of the event, his three teammates were delighted to win the trophy, as the four players were then seen celebrating on the field.

Some teams have struggled this season to maintain their chemical composition and the product on the ground has suffered. It is obvious that this will not be the case this season for the Thunder.

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