Hammond casts shadow in his new skin from Overwatch Storm Rising

Wrecking Ball is the latest hero to have announced a new skin for the overwatch storm event on Friday, April 12th.

Wrecking Ball, AKA Hammond, is the fifth hero to have a new skin for the Storm Rising event revealed, after McCree, Moira, Junkrat and Baptiste.

Hammond's new skin for the event called "High Roller" and was revealed on the PlayStation Twitter account instead of the usual Overwatch main account.

Overwatch also premiered a new introduction to Hammond's highlights, based on the famous same dramatic tympanum.

Hammond: officially baller

The first thing most players will notice is the new Hammond sunglasses, which have already generated a huge reaction from fans on Twitter.

Similarly, Hammond & # 39; s Mech offers a new, expensive color palette: glossy black, gold and red.

Aside from colors and sunglasses, this skin does not change much, so it will be classified as an epic for 1500 pieces.

Some players seem excited about the skin, but others are not amazed and one of them mentioned that Overwatch had missed the perfect opportunity to obtain a skin of 8 Ball Hammond.

What else do we know about Storm Rising?

We now have five skins confirmed for the event, with a leak of April 10 stating two more legends for Bastion and Ashe.

Regarding the event itself, we know that Storm Rising will offer a brand new PvE event and a new map, Havana, which has been previewed in the background of each new skin of the Archives 2019 until now.

Storm Rising is scheduled to officially begin April 16th. All we do not know about the event we should know at this time.

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