Hannity calls John Dean hearing "a simulacrum, a circus"


Fox News' Sean Hannity criticized Democrats in the House and Watergate's character, John Dean, in the night, calling a magistrate of the House to hear a "circus" and Dean, a "liar".

"John Dean is a convicted felon who was written off decades ago for" being guilty of unethical, unprofessional and unjustified conduct. "A perfect guy for the fake CNN news, the liar, Now the criminal kills a lot of money in Donald Trump 's daily newspaper on behalf of the liar media crowd, "Hannity said in her TV show, without holding back.


Dean, Richard Nixon's former board at the White House, said Monday that he saw "remarkable parallels" between Watergate and the investigation over Russia.

The Fox News host called Dean an "accessory" and the audience "a propaganda".

"John Dean has been used as an accessory by the mainstream media crowd of the Democratic Party for years." Today 's audience was a sham, a circus Democratic propaganda, paid for by you , the American people, "said Hannity.

Hannity congratulated President Trump for using the executive's privilege to prevent the Democrats from "hanging out" America through another investigation.

"Now everything is over, there has been no collusion and the president will not allow the Democrats to literally drag the Americans into this process, again, for what would be a fifth investigation." that is why the president rightly says "enough, it's enough" "to assert the privilege of the executive," Hannity said.


Hannity criticized the Democrats for costing thousands of legal fees to White House workers who serve their country.

"Democrats in the House, they will no longer have the ability to re-investigate the Russian-led investigation for the fifth time.It is an abuse of power and blatant harassment of people." A duly elected president – more importantly, anyone working for the president trying to do so to serve their country should not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in new legal fees answering the same questions again and again, " Hannity said.


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