Harry Potter World's new Hagrid theme race arrives in June


Hagrid's Magrid Creatures motorcycle adventure (try to say it five times faster) will be the last attraction of Harry Potter's enchanting world in Universal Orlando. Universal gave little detail on this new attraction at an announcement Thursday. But according to the illustrations and the name, it seems that the ride will be a two-seater roller coaster, cars taking the form of the famous Hagrid bike, left to Sirius Black.

Moto Adventure will be located on Universal Orlando's Hidden World at Magic World, in the Islands of Adventure Park. Universal Studios described the attraction as "highly thematic" and said it was "an exciting roller coaster ride that plunges some of the most magical creatures on the way" rare of the wizarding world ". The connection with such animals is reminiscent of the current wizardry film series, Fantastic Beasts.

Rumors of rumors about extensions of the magical world of Harry Potter have been mentioned, including the opening of Galaxy's Edge, a extension on the theme of Star Wars in Disney World Hollywood Studios and Disneyland California. Hagrid's Magical Creatures motorcycle adventure will open on June 13, just as Disney's Galaxy's Edge opens its doors.


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