Harvey Weinstein responds to Gwyneth Paltrow and denies black actresses from the list

After being accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, it may not be surprising Harvey Weinstein kept his head down.

So he was a little shocked when he came out of the carpentry on Tuesday to challenge Gwyneth PaltrowThe story of a cast of a story two decades ago.

Looking at her comedy "Shakespeare In Love", winner of an Oscar in 1998, with Variety the actress claimed – in a disposable line buried in the print – that the now dishonored producer wanted Ben Affleck at the last minute for Will's role, but she resisted.

She said she insisted that an English actor play the role. Joseph Fiennes – While Affleck is content with the much less important role of actor Ned Alleyn.

But that's not how Weinstein remembered it, who then sent an unsolicited statement to Variety.

"Gwyneth Paltrow is an excellent actor and a fantastic person who is doing so well on the right project," he said. "The only other contenders for Will Shakespeare 's role were Russell Crowe and Ethan Hawke, none of the others Ben Affleck did a remarkable job as Ned Alleyn, that' s the role for which he was considered. "

Although the article makes no mention of Weinstein's blacklisted actresses for not reacting to his sexual advances, he is accused of it in the past. "Game Of Thrones" star Lena Headey was the last to discuss it in an interview with The Sunday Times, in which she claimed to have postponed it twice, after which she had never been retained in another Miramax movie.

In the interview with Variety, John Madden and the director of "Shakespeare" insisted that Weinstein 's involvement had not tarnished the film' s legacy: "C & # 39; is a beautiful movie, "he said.

But on Tuesday, a representative of Weinstein said that these two points contradicted each other and showed that the producer did not have the power to blacklist the list, even if he wanted to.

He accused the media of double standards; do not question Paltrow when she says that a great movie will go up at all costs, but do not question actresses who claim that a producer can prevent a great actress from going up.

"When Paltrow says," A movie will not succeed if it's not a good movie, not like that, "you take it as a gospel, but when someone accuses Harvey of shenanigans, the same feeling is ignored instead of something more sinister., why so? " the representative said.

"Just like a good movie is a good movie, if someone is a good actor, you can not keep it in. If someone is a box office draw, a good agency and a good actor will be chosen for a role – some blacklist is just a crap idea convenient to beat the drum against Weinstein with. "

He also refuted Gwyneth's account of his relationship with Harvey; In the interview of Variety, she describes him as "a very difficult boss", "a brute", with whom she fought incessantly but with whom she was not afraid.

In The New York TimesIn October 2017, Paltrow stated that in 1995, Harvey had summoned her to a hotel room, put her hand on her and asked her for a massage, an alleged interaction that led to a small friend of the time. Brad Pitt threatening to kill him.

"I had a really uncomfortable and strange experience, so it has never been inappropriate with me that way," she told Variety.

But Harvey's representative insisted that there was no abusive relationship.

"The facts are clear to anyone who is willing to go beyond his need to clickbait and maybe try to become what the reporters were, you will find that there was no abusive relationship," did he declare.

"He has helped Ms. Paltrow personally and throughout her career, and the most recent conversation took place in the summer of 2017. Ms. Paltrow asked Weinstein to invest $ 2 million to help her brother to participate in a show that when Weinstein made her to do Shakespeare in Love, for which she was paid $ 10 million and was one of the highest paid actors. "Harvey was there for her when her father died and she was there for him when Harvey was in the hospital.

"It just seems too practical for our times, when the pile becomes the norm just because it seems politically correct or fashionable, we all lose, including Mrs. Paltrow." Do your research and do not just d & # 39; write claims because it's easy and accepted. "

TooFab contacted Gwyneth representatives for a comment.

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