Has Fortnite created a Dr. Disrespect skin?

Fortnite is known for paying homage to famous players and banners in past artifacts, but did they make one for Doc?

This seems unlikely, given the virulent criticisms made by Dr. Disrespect in the past.

He has uninstalled the game several times and has long emphasized the problems that he encounters.

Now that the new Stealth Reflex skin is added to the game, Doc has another problem with Fortnite and Epic Games.

The skin resembles the streamer, mainly thanks to the red vest covering an entirely black outfit.

For comparison, here is a snapshot of Dr. Disrespect's flow where you can see some similarities.

Dr. disrespect in his red / black suit

Will he really sue? Probably not. Threatening him to pursue Epic Games is only one part of the personality that he puts on.

More than any other popular streamer, Dr. Disrespect actually achieves more performance than it is its true off-stream personality.

Besides, he would never win. Dr. Disrespect has no mark on a red vest on a black outfit.

In addition, fighting with Fortnite's lawyers turned out to be an unsuccessful business as many attempts to sue the company failed.

The first was PUBG's attempt at the time when Fortnite's popularity increased, and then the saga of dances where three different people claimed that Fortnite dances had been stolen from them.

These lawsuits were unsuccessful and it is fair to say that they had even more cases than Doc in this circumstance.

In any case, he may just be joking, but if he decides to sue the lawyers, Fortnite's lawyers should quickly close him.

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