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Has the FDA changed the packaging laws because of the Blue Bell ice cream licker?

On June 28, 2019, the collective fury of the Internet focused on the laser on a woman presented in an Instagram account. video Remove the top of a jar of Blue Bell ice cream, lick the creamy surface and return the product to the Walmart freezer from where it comes from. At the beginning of July, the author seen in the video was identified and arrested, and in a statement sent by e-mail to New York TimesBlue Bell announced it has identified a Walmart store about 120 km northeast of Houston "as the store where the malicious act of food handling took place".

Shortly after, a well-shared Facebook post claimed to have caused massive collateral damage resulting from this cascade of retaliation, suggesting that the author's antics had led to a change in the Food and Drug Administration's packaging regulations. (FDA)

These claims were a complete fiction. We asked the FDA if the Blue Bell incident led to regulatory changes, and spokesperson Peter Cassell told us that the claims about the viruses were "inaccurate" and that the FDA did not make any claims. now does not require plastic packaging to contain ice cream. a result. "The question that triggered this [rumor] the application of local law in a point of sale, "said.

Indeed, it would have been virtually impossible to adopt a regulatory change so quickly, as the amendments to the FDA rules must be formulated in detail, published and made public for a period of public comment before they can be made. implemented.

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