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We are less than a month from the premiere of the eighth and final season of Game of thronesAnd despite the series' wild level of popularity, HBO has nevertheless tried to find unexpected and innovative ways to announce the announcement of the imminent arrival of the new season.

We have already received a trailer, excerpts of images, a myriad of interviews with actors and also a collection of blood. Yes, HBO has teamed up with the American Red Cross as part of the Bleed for the Throne blood drive, inviting fans to bleed for the show's title, Iron Throne.

Speaking of the throne, HBO has also launched a similar unconventional effort to keep the buzz and hype around the top of last season. "The quest for the throne is launched", several Eu The actors explain in a Facebook article this new marketing initiative for which HBO has hidden half a dozen iron thrones around the world and encouraged fans to discover it.

The first is hidden in what appears to be a forest. HBO has posted some 360-degree YouTube videos of the throne at this location via this link, which includes a countdown indicating the time remaining before fans can claim it before the time runs out. Here is one of the videos showing the throne in its mysterious setting:

When that time runs out or someone else claims it, HBO will do it five more times. This is part of the network's #ForTheThrone campaign, which asks fans how far they will go for the throne.

You are encouraged to "bleed", "create" and "seek" the throne.

We told you about the bleeding for the throne via the blood drive and the quest component that we have just explained via the scattering of Iron Thrones around the world. "Create", the other element of this project involved HBO, which asked 18 artists around the world to reinvent 18 official show props – to see what they would "create", in other words. The results are available here.

Looking forward to the first appearance of season 8 of April 14, check out our Friday report, which describes each episode of the season and the duration of each of the six episodes of the season.

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