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While we are still waiting – hoping HBO will wait – to release a legitimate trailer for its fantastic epic series that will be coming back for a final season on April 14, the network has just created a new set of visual treats. Game of thrones Fans. Specifically, in the form of 20 new images of characters in the series who are all sitting on the iron throne.

You will see Cersei (below), as well as Sansa, Bran, Jon Snow, Daenerys and even the king of the night, all pictured in the seat of power that everyone has fought to reach these many seasons. You can Discover the 20 pictures hereIt should be noted that while most of the photos appear to represent the characters in the throne, the number of titles, articles, and blog posts that this simple publication has generated is testament to the strength of the series' popularity.

This is certainly a tantalizing continuation of Season 8's breadcrumbs that HBO has shared very slowly, including everything from short presentation sequences to images like these and other shots of what we can expect from the new season. The network clearly knows that we are all hooked and we look forward to every new song, like the five seconds of new footage recorded by HBO last Sunday night, in which Arya can be seen watching for the first time a living dragon. .

Fast forward up to about 50 seconds to check:

Of course, let's add, the Internet has a lot to say about the new images we have just published – including what they reveal, what they predict and what fan theories they support or not. Regarding this last point, let's move directly to Bran's theory is the Night-King. An old theory that keeps coming back, driven by a new popularity:

Many other keen-eyed fans have noticed that Jon Snow's picture in the band just released just looks exactly like his father's, the late father Ned, of the Season 1 promo (hum). Check them yourself and see what you think.

Meanwhile, along with the publication of the images above, Twitter has also launched an official emoji package describing just about every GoT major characters. All you have to do is write the name of the character as a hashtag, then the emoji will appear. In addition, you can use the hashtag #ForTheThrone to bring up an iron throne in the emoji form.

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