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HBO's statement on "Big Lies" and Andrea Arnold's involvement in Season 2 insist that "the final product speaks for itself"

Season 2 of Big little lies After all, the first opus has won many Emmys and praise from critics – but it seems that some behind-the-scenes dramas cast an even bigger shadow on the new episodes. Shortly after IndieWire published a report that the network would have taken over director Andrea Arnold, HBO issued a statement about Big little lies Contributions from season 2 saying that the director's work "speaks for itself". "There would be no season 2 of Big little lies without Andrea Arnold, "said the network in a statement to Bustle on Saturday, July 13.

"At HBO and the producers, we are extremely proud of their work, and as with any television project, the executive producers are working collaboratively on the series and we think the end product is eloquent," the statement said. Bustle has also made contact with representatives of Kelley, Arnold and Vallée, but has not yet received a response.

According to the IndieWire report, HBO would have approached the American honey director at the helm of the second season of the series, giving him full control over the production, pre-production and post-production of each episode of season 2. However, the IndieWire report states that creator, David E. Kelly, and the network would have yielded the reign to Jean-Marc Vallée – who had directed season 1 and Sharp objects – to "unify" the two tranches of Big little lies. The control of the post-production would have been entrusted to Vallée, who edited the episodes of Arnold to match the tone of season 1.

Although these reports are still unconfirmed – HBO's statement does not mention the possible role played by Vallée in the composition of season 2 – it should be noted that Vallée is considered a publisher in the episodes of season 2 broadcast until now. An article by Vox on the Big little lies Controversy has revealed that Season 1 of the show attracted five publishers, while the new episodes included eleven editorials, including Vallée. And looking at the difference between credits from Season 1, Episode 3 and Season 2, Episode 4, there are more than twice as many creditors working on the latest episode.

In June, Vallée told IndieWire that he was pleading for Arnold to take over the reins of season two, once his work on Sharp objects clarified that he would not be able to sit in the director's chair again. "It was a good decision, based on Aquarium and Red roadif she was ready to play in the sandbox like me, coming out of the feature film world, "said Vallée, referring to two of Arnold's early films. She was alone; she did not need any advice. … we have similar ways of shooting when you look at it. She pulled by hand, light available. It's about performance, as I do in season 1. It's what it is, but the spirit of the other is there. "

Editors of Season 1

Editors of Season 2

Editors of Season 2

However, the same article indicated that Valleé was in the editing room and was working on season 2, the director explaining to IndieWire: "They needed help.Since I know the series, these characters, the music and the editing, I'm here working with the editors checking their stuff. "

Although the reported conflict between Arnold and HBO may still be mainly a rumor, it is clear that Vallée played a big role in the formation of season 2 of Big little lies. Unfortunately, it seems that the behind-the-scenes drama is beginning to eclipse the drama of the hit series.

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