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Roman Reigns is one of WWE's most dramatic, controversial and debated artists in history. The company is making desperate games after desperate games to make it your favorite graps guy – with limited success. How do they do? What are they doing?

I am Tom Colohue and that's the Monday night reigns on the meter.

The news was announced while I was on vacation, she was sunny in February at 70 degrees. The earth trembled, the sky collapsed and the sea separated. Unfortunately, I was delayed because the usual 26-page fax from Roman, detailing his arrival, had not been read. I'm here now, okay. Like Roman, I beat the odds, even though they were bullied by Roman this time.

Dear reader, our last reign on the end of October 2018. A long and slow collection of dry months and no previous month had followed. WWE had tried to push several people in his absence. A big heel for Dean Ambrose? Rejected. Braun Strowman; face of the business? Refuse. Ronda Rousey at the top of the tree? Do not make me laugh. There is only one hero on Raw and it's Roman Reigns.

And so, at the end of February, the Man came back. But more importantly, The Big Dog too.

For what seems to be the first time of his singles career, Roman Reigns has been received with a mountain of shouts of joy, applause and love. He made a dignified, visibly nervous but loving ecstasy promo every second. Our boy was back and he had beaten all the obstacles.

As usual, Roman Reigns beats the odds. He did exactly what he said he would do. piled the plate, swayed for the fences, and even found the time to film a movie while he was doing it. And now, he's back. All this leads of course to the very exciting prospect of a quarrel of Roman reigns against Baron Corbin, immensely popular and sympathetic.

Let me rephrase that, the "cautious worker with a little warmth behind him," Baron Corbin.

As the landscape has changed in recent months! Roman must have felt that he was entering a brand new venture. The universal champion is now Brock Lesnar, which is clearly something Roman has never seen before. Ronda Rousey is the champion of raw women. Again. Ok, it's not new. The Revival loses matches! No, it's not new. Uh. Everyone loves Becky Lynch? Nah, it's been going on for years. Dean Ambrose turned the heel? Not really.

So, really, the only surprises for Roman are that Finn Balor now hides his abs, much to Bliss's chagrin, and Lacey Evans has a big problem Emmalina. Well, at least if Roman feels bad about himself, he can go to "A Moment of Happiness" and Horny Bliss's character can cheer him up.

Roman was not finished, of course. Returning to action, defeating leukemia, changing the overall perception of himself was not enough. He had to reunite the families. He had to bring the black sheep back into the fold. When Dean Ambrose, a supposed heel, is attacked by three heels and a heel that was a face five minutes ago, Seth Rollins could not stay at the back.

I mean, he could. They were in a blood feud for months. You can just let him be beaten. You could join the cadence. You can wait until he comes to the back and the attack in the ambulance. You can do anything, Seth. Unfortunately for Seth, Roman Reigns is back now, so Dad has to sort out the kids. Seth was to leave, followed by Roman Reigns to solve the problems encountered in his absence.

I mean, I think we can all agree that everything Dean Ambrose needed was a hug, right? It's actually a very beautiful story in the grand scheme of things. Ambrose turned on his heel the night that Roman left because of a crisis of faith in his entourage. He believed that no one could count on him, that his friendships and his relationships made him weak. The pain of losing his brother prompted him to take on his other brother. He just needs a hug. A big hairy and moist hug. Is not that what we all want? A big hug of sweaty Roman hair?

Overall, Roman was underused this week on Raw. Usually, it is divided into eight or nine segments, beating three or four opponents, a dragon and saving Pikachu from Team Rocket. This week, freshly returned from a huge battle with cancer, they kept the trend minimalist. It came. He saw. He won. He went home.

I'm not sure where all this will lead to WrestleMania. It is hard to deny that there has been a gaping hole in WWE programming since Roman Reigns left. Smackdown, largely because of the huge crowd support behind names such as Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston, is all right, but Raw needed Roman so he did not need any more .

Welcome, Big Dog.

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– leukemia
– Baron Corbin
– Bobby Lashley
– Elias
– Drew McIntyre

Did Roman Reigns beat the odds?

Not sure he beats more probabilities this year, but wait, shall we?

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