Health Care Plan Beto O'Rourke vs. Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All

  • The Democratic presidential candidate, Beto O. Rourke, has pleaded for a public option system in which Americans could retain their private health insurance or participate in Medicare.
  • Many other Democratic candidates running in the presidency in 2020 are supporting a "Medicare for all" proposal.

The Democratic presidential candidate, Beto O. Rourke, said he would support a health care system allowing Americans to participate in Medicare or retain their private health insurance coverage and based on l & # 39; employer.

Supporting the "public option" plan differentiates Mr. O. Rourke from a handful of other Democratic presidential candidates and from a more liberal base, who have been keen to explicitly support a program. of type "Medicare for All".

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"Two extraordinary women with whom I sat in Congress, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, have submitted a proposal called" Medicare for America "which guarantees that if you have an employer insurance and if you love it, you keep it, your doctors, your network, what works for you right now, "said O. Rourke at an event held Tuesday at Penn State University. "If you do not have insurance or if you do not like the insurance you already have, you sign up for Medicare."

In other words, the plan would affect anyone who is on Medicaid, who enjoys coverage through Obamacare exchanges or who does not have insurance on the government Medicare program. Older people currently benefiting from Medicare would continue to receive these benefits.

In addition, Americans of all ages would be allowed to purchase insurance from their employer or choose the government option.

O & # 39; Rourke also said that such a proposal would have a very high price, but added that he thought it was prudent in the long run.

"It will be measured in billions of dollars," he said. "It's not cheap, but as I said earlier, it's a lot cheaper than taking care of people at the end of life who have never been treated before." . "

During his Texas Senate failure in the 2018 mid-term elections, O & # Rourke told INSIDER that his "campaign number" was "universal health care".

Other Democrats have rallied around the system of "Medicare for all"

Democrat candidates like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and California Senator Kamala Harris are supporting a more comprehensive overhaul of the US health care system.

Medicare for all would include the transfer of the health insurance market into a single payer system, in which everyone would be covered by the government program.

Sanders is one of the largest funders of Medicare for All and has led the drafting of a bill in the Senate. Although the Vermont senator has long defended this idea, many other presidential candidates have adopted a version of the plan.

Harris has been criticized for suggesting that a deletion of private insurance would be required in an ideal Medicare system for all types of systems.

"Well, listen, the idea is that everyone has access to medical care, and you will not have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, getting them approved, going through the paperwork , may need, "she said in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. "Which of us has not had this situation where you have to wait for approval, and the doctor says, well, I do not know if your insurance company will cover that." Let's go from the front. "

Republicans scoffed at the idea of ​​abolishing private health insurance. Howard Schultz, a former Independent Chairman and former Starbucks CEO, called the bill "non-American."

"What is the next step? What industry are we going to abolish next? The coffee industry?" he said.

Medicare for all is generally favored, but support for health care transformation collapses when respondents are told that large tax increases would be required, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

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