Hearthstone Rise of Shadows cards that are safe to make right now

A new expansion is on us, which means home players are eager to make goodies.

Even if you still have to work with caution, here are some cards that are definitely worth it.


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If you thought Mech Hunter was gone forever, then you were misled. The Mechs are back in this expansion overall and one of the most powerful cards to join their ranks belongs to the Hunter class. Oblivitron Deathrattle allows you to summon a Mech from your hand while simultaneously triggering Deathrattle.

This map almost alone has created the archetype of Mech Hunter, which has been successful on the scale in recent days. Although the list of Mech Hunter decks may change as the expansion progresses, you can expect this card to be in all versions.

Boom Master Blast

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If you've spent time on a competitive scale in the early days of expansion, you probably know everything about Blastmaster Boom. The new Bomb Warrior archetype is one of the most successful decks on the scale, but it's not the only place you'll find the Blastmaster.

Although it undoubtedly works best in Bomb Warrior, other Bomb-related maps have made their way into more standard control decks that focus less on Bomb's strategy. If you play the Warrior class, you can consider that Blastmaster Boom is worth it.

Portal of the crystal song

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Token Druid is another deck that you have probably seen this week on a ladder. Although this card is undoubtedly better in Token Druid, it is not the only Druid deck in which we expected to find this bad boy over the next few months.

Crystalsong Portal allows you to discover a druid henchman and keep all three if you do not already have a henchman in hand. Although archetypes are still hatched, this map will likely have a slot in various Druids decks going from the front. Not only is the card ideal for decks like Spell or Token Druid, but you can even find a place for it in most Aggro Druid decks to repopulate your hand.

Heistbaron Togwaggle

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Making legendary cards is always a risky business because of its high cost of dust. Risky business might as well be the middle name of Heistbaron Togwaggle. A bridge that dominated the beginnings of Rise of shadows is Tempo Rogue.

Most of the cards that make up the game come from enlargements prior to Rise of shadows, the main ingredient of the new version of the game is Hestbaron Togwaggle. Not only does the map have decent basic stats, but Togwaggle's armor will grant you a fantastic treasure provided you control a Lackey. Although Togwaggle currently resides in Tempo Rogue, you can expect to see this card in most Snape decks in the future.

Stalladris Guardian

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If you are disappointed with the nerves that Druid has received during Rumble of RastakhanIt's time to raise your head. Now that Rise of shadows is here, it seems that nerves have come to set up Druid for a variety of new reading styles.

Keeper Stalladris is perhaps one of the most powerful cards ever offered to the Druid class. Stalladris has an ability that allows you to add copies of both choices to your hand after choosing a card. As if this ability was not enough in itself, Stalladris has an extremely low mana cost and good base stats. If you play Druid, it is safe to say that you will use Keeper Stalladris during this expansion.

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Spending all the dust you have collected by disenchanting old cards can be very fun and attractive. However, it is important to remember that Rise of shadows has hardly been released for a week, so the current meta probably does not reflect what the meta will be?

That said, the cards in this list generate so much value that they will likely be used in a variety of decks associated with their class. If you do not see an interesting map of your favorite class, do not be discouraged. Each class has excellent new cards joining their ranks with Rise of shadowsThe community just needs time to understand how to use them.

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