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Here are the six longest courses in the history of the history of College World Series (as we know it)

Edouard Julien joined the elite at the first edition of the 2019 College World Series series of Auburn against the state of Mississippi.

Julien crushed a two-run run in the second run against Ethan Small of MSU, followed at 429 feet, according to NCAA 2019 College World Series official press notes. This distance connects the former Florida Gator, Pete Alonso, to the longest circuit of the country. History of college world series at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha – unofficially. TDAPO has hosted the tournament since it opened in 2011.

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Why is this registration unofficial? We contacted Jeff Williams, the NCAA's Assistant Director of Media and Statistics Coordination, to find out if the NCAA was keeping historical records of the longest strokes won in the College World series. It turns out that they do not do it. But thanks to ESPN, the CWS television house since 2003, we have a pretty good idea of ​​some of the longest bombs.

ESPN has been monitoring the distance traveled since the Rosenblatt Stadium tournament was moved to TD Ameritrade Omaha Park in 2011. According to ESPN Stats & Information, here are the other biggest circuits recorded in the College World Series from 2011 to 18:

06/16/19Eduoard JulienAuburn429 feetState of Mississippi2ndRight
06/20/15Pete AlonsoFlorida429 feetVirginia2ndCenter
06/22/17Brendan McKayLouisville428 ftTCU4thRight Center
06/21/16Pete AlonsoFlorida425 feetTexas Tech9thLeft
06/17/15Pete AlonsoFlorida421 ftMiami, Florida7thCenter
06/17/17Dylan BusbyState of Florida421 ftLSU1Center

Alonso has three of the six longest circuits on the list. His first big fly of the 2015 tournament was recorded on June 17, 2015 at a projected distance of 421 feet from the left field on a fastball run 150 km at the time of Derik Beauprez, right-handed Miami. from the batter's eye to the center right away.

It was the fourth and final round of the night for the Gators, who won 10-2 to eliminate the Hurricanes.

"It's the best feeling in the world," Alonso said after the match. "Especially if you connect with a player and that he comes out of this park because historically, the ball does not travel well here, so it's really a well-hit ball and place a ball of Baseball at the bottom of the fence is the best feeling. in the world."

Barely three days later, Alonso broke his own park record with a mammoth 429-foot shot against Virginia. This time he jumped on a dangling ball and threw it well beyond the wall of 408 feet in the center of the field.

The Gators would eventually lose this match against Virginia, 5-4, to end up a game below the final of the CWS. But Alonso certainly left an impression on Omaha. And he was not finished.

Florida came back for the 2016 College World Series and Alonso continued to rake. Against Texas Tech in the ninth inning of a playoff game, he crashed a 425-foot two-point circuit that almost reached the contest level beyond the left field stands.

It would be Alonso's last fight in Gators uniform. He signed with the Mets as a second-round pick after Florida Tech eliminated Florida Tech. In seven career games with CWS, Alonso finished with .320 (8 of 25), three innings, five points and nine RBIs.

The CWS 'next big hit at TD Ameritrade Park, behind Julien and Alonso, was won by three-time John Olerud Prize winner Brendan McKay.

McKay hit his 428-foot bomb – a foot less than the record – in his last college game in 2017. He was 1: 4 in Louisville's 4: 3 loss to TCU.

"For me personally, that's just another statistic," McKay said in 2017 at the post-game press conference. "But making a home run in the College World Series is awesome, on national television in front of twenty thousand people in the stands, it's really great."

It should be noted that the six circuits at the top of the ESPN list have been registered in the last four seasons. A flat-stitched baseball – which no longer moves at all – has been approved by the NCAA for use starting in the 2015 season. This measure was taken to counter changes to bat specifications in 2011. which resulted in a decline in offensive production. A total of six home homeruns were scored in 30 games in the 2013 and 2014 college series.

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The number of SCF home runs increased to 15 with the new ball in 2015 and was closed to 10 in 2016. In 2017, 23 long balls were hit, breaking the TD Ameritrade Park Omaha's time record (2011 ). Eighteen others were touched during the 2018 tournament.

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