Here is a list of all the Ultimate Smash minds of the game.

All over 1000

Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe spirit system (a mechanism that allows you to "equip" various characters that are not usually in the game to improve your stats in certain modes) has been innocent enough. Basically, you've just gone through the World of Light campaign mode, created secret zones and you're ready to go.

But over time, Nintendo started adding events, which increased the number of minds. The problem is that they never really provided resources for the finalists to keep track of everything. Enter the unofficial Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Directory of spirits.

Directed by Andrew "Slowback1" Wobeck and a crew, the site presents all (currently) 1303 spirits by their order of appearance in the game. Among the other small features include the possibility of turning into a random mind and a quiz game (which presents some problems, like giving answers to the occasion) that covers the entire sphere of Nintendo and beyond.

Try if you are looking for this latest spirit!

Directory [Smash Ultimate Spirits]

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