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We all knew that the next-generation Porsche 911 would never be far from the last, in terms of design. C & # 39; the 911 after all. It has always been about evolution, not revolution. What Porsche has done, however, is tied to $ 8,000 of the current base price. This new generation 992 broke the curtain at the LA Auto Show this year at Carerra 4S, priced at $ 120,000; the two-wheel drive Carrera S is $ 113,000.

Porsche has not yet revealed the true base (no "S") of the Carrera model nor its price, but the entry-level 911's latest generation was commanding a $ 14,000 price under the S. Si the same is true for the new generation 992, that means you will need about $ 100,000 to taste life 911.

Once you've surpassed the overall 911 price increase, the S and 4S performance stats are equally breathtaking, especially since they still represent two of the most "affordable" trim levels. The Carrera S's 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine now boasts 443 horsepower and 0 to 60 km / h in 3.3 seconds. The AWS 4S gains another tenth of a second. And the consensus is that Porsche is rather conservative when they cite the 911 sprint times, so expect them to be even faster. Three points-two seconds. Porsche will probably rewrite the laws of physics when it announces Turbo and Turbo S statistics – no matter what happens when the GT department picks it up.

In terms of design, again, it's a 911, so little has changed. The front air dam extends over the entire front of the car, as in the rear, where the exhaust tips of the GT3 now spray. The lines of the front body panels and wings now intersect in front of the headlights. It's a bit like the 993 generation of the '90s, as is the full-width taillight bar. Porsche seems to have learned from the faded "fried egg" fiasco of 996 in the early 2000s, because if the beginning of a 911 never seems to change, designers are now trying to change the system. The iconic sloping silhouette of the 911 is present and explained in profile, but look at the rear, the taillights and coat of arms seem too high six inches.

In terms of significant changes to the interior, the traditional PDK (dual clutch automatic) gear selector has disappeared and in its place is a scaled rocker switch, corresponding to the smaller apparatus of the center console. A seven-speed manual option will still be available because, well, it's a 911 and the three-pedal option will probably still be available.

We will have more information on the inevitable multitude of trim levels of the 911 at the time of the announcement. The prices and performance for the future 911 models will certainly deserve attention in the months to come.

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