Here is who won the game of thrones and why


We have known eight seasons, countless battles, a war that lasted a lifetime. Kings and queens got up and fell. All leading us here, at the bitter end. HBO Game of thrones is over, the people of Westeros have spoken and here are those who have found themselves on the throne.

Everyone greets Brandon the Broken, first of his name, king of the Andals and first men, and ruler of the seven kingdoms, ie six, since the North is officially separated from the kingdom.

Well, it was … unexpected.

Against all odds, the three – eyed crow has acceded to the throne, thanks to a well – placed suggestion by Tyrion Lannister and all that is happening today for representative democracy. Literally nobody seen this coming. Well, except Bran, I guess. But maybe we should have. After all, Bran is the first character from the point of view in A game of thrones, the first book of George R.R. Martin's A song of ice and fire. The story literally begins with him; it seems logical that it ends with him too.

Bran started as a young boy, learning to become a Stark leader and making difficult and complex choices. The very first scene in which he finds himself shows that he is forced to watch his father, Ned Stark, execute a brother of Night's Watch for desertion. Then everything changed at the end of the first of the series, when Jaime Lannister pushed him out the window.

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This paralyzed sound from waist to toe but also awakened amazing abilities. As a warrior, he could transmit his consciousness to any animal and even to certain people. As a citizen of the world, he could see the past, the present, and the future of Westeros. But it took a while for these powers to develop. Before that, Bran had spent time as a "little lord" of Winterfell – with the help and guidance of Maester Lewin, who saw great things in him. Then, Theon Greyjoy temporarily grabbed Winterfell to impress his family, and Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor were forced to flee. North of the wall, Bran met another artist named Jojen Reed and trained with the three-eyed raven. Finally, Bran replaced him.

When Bran returned to Winterfell, we found him a changed man. Someone who would have abandoned his name, his title and his connection with humanity. He was no longer Brandon Stark. He was now the three-eyed crow, probably the most powerful person in Westeros. Is it any wonder that he was chosen to rule?

He is strong as a Stark and as wise as a raven. He does not even need a Whisperer Master, because he already has an army of "little birds" that he can control at any time. He can look into the future to see where their current path might lead them and appeal to the wisdom of history to prevent people from repeating the same mistakes. If things go really bad, he can even go back in the past and let himself go. Although this may have consequences, as when he entered Hodor's past and caused him severe mental trauma.

But most of all, it's someone who does not want work because he wants nothing at all. This is exactly the person Varys was looking for, even though he had not realized it yet. Bran is a man without desire. So it's a man you can not enjoy. You could argue that it takes passion, courage, and instinct to rule a kingdom. But after centuries of fires, ice and everything that happened between them, the people of Westeros were apparently ready to face anyone else.

They were ready for the summer.

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