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Here's how the MacBook Air 2019 and MacBook Pro compare

After launching the updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops yesterday, Apple has also narrowed its lineup by removing the previous-generation MacBook 12-inch and MacBook Air. Whether you're looking for a new Mac for school, work or general use, read on for a detailed overview of the comparison between the new MacBook lineup.

Apple's MacBook range was changed when the company launched its Back to School promotion aimed at education sector customers (free Beats headphones in addition to the standard education discount price) ).

While simplifying its notebook offerings makes it easier for consumers to choose the right MacBook, many 12-inch MacBook users feel disappointed because the machine was destroyed without direct replacement (it's still sold by Amazon and other retailers as long as the stock remains).

In recent years, Apple's MacBook updates did not always coincide with its Back to School promotion. This year, buyers will not have to choose between saving money by obsolete MacBook Air design or spending extra money on a MacBook Pro.

Not only has the MacBook Air been updated after its major update last October with a True Tone screen, but Apple has also reduced its price by $ 100 for a new starting price of $ 1,099. and a base price of $ 999 for students and teachers.

Meanwhile, the 13-inch Core MacBook Pro (formerly the model other than Touch Bar) has gained Touch Bar display, Touch ID, True Tone and an 8th generation Intel quad-core processor updated to the same price of $ 1,299 ($ ​​1,199 for education sector clients).

MacBook Pro back-to-back notebooks

For reference, we've included the recently updated 15-inch Macbook Pro in May in the comparisons below.

Note: If you are unsure of the computing power you need and perform basic tasks such as Word documents, web browsing, music playback, YouTube, etc., the MacBook Air will help you will suit without problem. In most cases (not all), you'll know if you have a workflow that requires power from a MacBook Pro. If you are starting a specific college program or a new job and you are on the fence, contact the appropriate IT department or similar authority.

RAM, processor, storage, etc.

The MacBook Air 2019 and 13-inch MacBook Pro are both equipped with Touch ID technology, which also means that the entire MacBook family now comes with Apple's T2 security chip. And the Touch Bar is now available on all MacBook Pro models.

In terms of processors, the MacBook Air is the only MacBook to have a dual-core processor. The latest 13-inch MacBook Pro features an i5 quad-core 8th generation processor while the basic 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with an Intel Core 6th 9th generation chip.

Apple has also significantly reduced its SSD upgrade prices with these latest changes. Here is a detailed overview of how these specifications pile up.

Comparison of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Specifications

MacBook Air MacBook Pro specifications comparison

I / O

When the previous generation of MacBook Air was still present, a range of I / O was underway with the Apple notebook lineup. Now, USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 are the only ports available on Apple's MacBooks, apart from the 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you are about to upgrade to a modern MacBook and you do not already have one, you must choose a USB-C hub to maintain compatibility with older USB-A devices.

Although this is by no means a decisive factor, the MacBook Air is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 while the Pro laptops are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

Comparison of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Inputs / Outputs


With the refresh of the 2019 MacBook Air and the 2019 MacBook Pro, all Apple notebooks are now equipped with Retina displays featuring True Tone technology. You can be used to the feature on your iPad or iPhone. Here's how Apple describes True Tone:

Mac computers' True Tone technology uses advanced multichannel sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your screen and touchbar to match the ambient light so images look more natural.

The two main differences between the MacBook Air display and those of the Pro models are a brightness of 400 vs 500 nits and support for the wide color P3 only provided with the MacBook Pro.

Comparison of display between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Comparison of display between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Height and weight

Now that the 12-inch MacBook is no longer available, the MacBook Air has taken over the title of Apple's lightest notebook. However, for those who may still favor the form factor and weight over the latest hardware, we have included the MacBook's size and weight specifications below.

Comparison of the size and weight of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Comparison of MacBook Air MacBook Pro Size and Weight

Keyboard and trackpad

The new MacBook lineup now features spacious Force Touch trackpads and, controversially, revised third-generation throttle keypads. Notably, Apple has already added its latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models to its keyboard service program. Many users have experienced sticky keys, unresponsive keys, and keys that record double taps.

Do not forget that you may have problems, but this will be covered by the Apple service program for free repair or replacement of the keyboard. In addition to reliability issues, if you do not use Apple Butterfly Keyboards and feel that usability will be an important factor for you, test one before buying a new MacBook.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted, earlier this month, that Apple would switch to a new keyboard with a scissor mechanism in 2020.


The battery life of the MacBook is the longest MacBook with 13 hours of use for playing iTunes movies and 12 hours of wireless web browsing. The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops offer 10 hours of wireless web browsing and the same 10 hours of iTunes movie playback.


With a simpler MacBook family, lower prices, and improved features, you'll find it easier to decide which laptop is best for you. The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are available directly from the Apple website, with lists posted on Amazon and other retailers.

If you are a teacher or graduate student, be sure to take advantage of Apple's education rates and the Back to School promotion.

Otherwise, if you do not really need a new MacBook now and do not like the butterfly keyboard, waiting for Apple to switch to a new scissor mechanism keyboard can be worth it.

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