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At least for the technical press, all eyes are on Samsung tomorrow, as it looks set to finally unveil its first foldable smartphone – which will apparently be called the Galaxy Fold – at the Galaxy event. the company to be held Wednesday. And it's not just Samsung, of course.

A large number of other smartphone manufacturers, including Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo and Motorola, also have foldable phones ready for use at some stage of development. And as we have pointed out in recent days, the same goes for Apple, for which a patent has just been released regarding "flexible display devices" – a continuation of the study done by Apple on this factor in shape that the iPhone maker has been pursuing for a few years.

Regarding the possibility of a collapsible iPhone, the Dutch technical blog LetsGoDigital took illustrated sketches in the new Apple patent that has just been published on the USPTO website and has prepared a set of color renderings showing what this so radically different iPhone looks like.

The patent documentation contains images showing folding devices with two or three screens, and one or two hinges allowing the user to fold the handset. The images also suggest that Apple is considering both iPhones that fold back in and out. From here, here's what LetsGoDigital Imagine that such an iPhone might look like, with the rendering you can see at the top of this article:

Source of the image: LetsGoDigital

This, of course, is about the same as what we have to continue for the moment. While other companies that we mentioned as preparing foldable phones have not been so aggressive in keeping their ambitions secret, Apple does not feel like sticking to its well-known practice of keeping things very tight. well kept until they are ready to be announced. For its part, LetsGoDigital suspects Apple to first introduce a smartphone 5G, then prepare an iPhone and / or iPad that you can fold for the release the following year.

"It would be desirable to be able to use flexible display technology to provide improved electronic devices," writes Apple in its patent documentation. Of course, it is important to note that there is no solid suggestion that an iPhone with this design will be released in the near future, but the patent – and the renderings that l? accompany – present the not implausible possibility of a future for Apple's signature device that dramatic break from the design of the past.

Source of the image: LetsGoDigital

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