Here's what you missed during the weekend at MWC 2019


Xiaomi Mi 9 goes to Europe

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<p>Before even boarding the plane, Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship product, the Mi 9. At a press conference held yesterday at the MWC, the company announced its availability. Specifically, the phone will arrive in Europe on February 28th. In this case, the Mi 9 will be available in 64GB or 128GB options at a price of 449 € (about 510 $) and 499 € (about 566 $). For these prices, you can expect a 6.39-inch AMOLED FHD + (1080×2340) display, complete with a teardrop notch and a 19: 6 image format. Inside, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855 powers the living room, with 6 GB of RAM and a battery of 3300 mAh to complete the data sheet. If you hope to catch one of the triple rear camera units in the United States, we have bad news: it is not expected to bring the Mi 9 to the United States.</p>
<p><h2>Huawei folding (and expensive) Mate X</h2>
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Everyone having the Galaxy Fold mind in mind, Huawei chose MWC to launch his foldable phone, the Mate X. It may not have been the first to break the barrier, but the company possesses to be the most attractive handset to date. When the Galaxy Fold closes to the inside with the screen concealed inside, the Mate X folds to the outside. It is also slightly thinner than the Fold and contains a larger battery of 4,500 mAh. Huawei has concealed three cameras and the power button in a long narrow bar, rather than embedding them on the screen. Of course, this means that no notch is needed, and the extra depth of the bar also serves as a handle. And while the foldable model of Huawei offers 5G connectivity, it is more expensive than the Samsung version at 2,299 € (about 2,600 USD).

A collapsible phone and the 5G were not the only things that Huawei wanted to discuss in Barcelona. The company also had news from the laptop to share. At the top, there is the Matebook X Pro. Upgrades expected from the processor (Intel Core i7 to 8th generation), RAM (up to 16GB) and storage (up to 1TB SSD) along with an option discrete graphic. Despite these changes, Huawei has kept the Matebook X Pro slim and light, and its design resembles that of a MacBook, from € 1,599 (about $ 1,800). The company also mentioned the Matebook 14, almost any screen. At 1,199 euros (about $ 1,360), the list of specifications is solid, except for a pair of USB-A ports and a solitary USB port. It's 2019, after all.

Nokia restarts PureView

If you aspire to another Nokia PureView phone, you're in luck. Following HMD Global's acquisition of Microsoft's mobile photography brand, the way was opened for a new model, a true model. The Nokia 9 PureView installs five cameras around it that work in tandem for snapshots on a phone. Editor-in-chief Chris Velazco was able to test the handset in New York before the MWC. Despite some problems with the camera interface, the potential is considerable. The Nokia 9 PureView may seem like an experiment, but it could also give a glimpse into the future of phone photography. Heck, maybe sometimes more is more.

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