Watch the NG-10 rocket successfully take off from NASA's Wallops Island spacecraft early Saturday morning.
Jenna Miller, Salisbury Daily Times

A rocket carrying supplies for the International Space Station is due to take off on April 17 from Wallops Island, and residents of the entire center of the Atlantic coastline may be able to see it if weather permits, according to NASA.

Mission NG-11, part of Northrop Grumman's Antares program, is scheduled to take off at 16:46. Wednesday, April 17, from Virginia Eastern Shore facilities.

The rocket will transport cargo Cygnus, which will deliver routine supplies to the International Space Station. It will also carry dozens of satellites in space, including those made by college and high school students in Delmarva.

On Delmarva, public viewing options include the Wallops Home Center as well as Chincoteague.

Depending on the weather, the launch could also be visible along the east coast of the United States, NASA said in a statement.

This Atlantic Coastal Center visibility map illustrates potential observation opportunities in the Northrop Grumman Antares rocket launch area from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in September. Virginia. (Photo: Image courtesy of NASA's Wallops Flight Installation)

The NASA Visitor Center at Wallops will open to the public on launch day, the day of launch. The Robert Reed Park at Chincoteague or Beach Road, which extends from the area between Chincoteague and the Assateague Islands, is another great place to launch.

The beach at Assateague Island Seashore / Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge will not be open during the launch.

Alcohol, pets and guns are not allowed in the grounds of the NASA Visitors' Center. In addition, because of the limited number of parking spaces, oversized vehicles, such as caravans and recreational vehicles, will not be able to park on the grounds of the reception center, the statement said.

NASA also urges drone operators to exercise caution when using their unmanned aircraft to visualize the launch of the rocket and avoid flying over the public and property of the NASA Wallops Flight Facility.

Drones must not fly over the property of the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, the swampy areas located between Wallops Island and the mainland, and over the Atlantic Ocean to the east of the island. 39, Wallops Island, he added.

A temporary flight restriction and other special purpose airspace will be activated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Fines and penalties are applicable and will be applied.

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For more information on the Welcome Center, including instructions, visit

You can also attend the launch via the Wallops Mission Status Center. There you will find mission information and links to the live countdown audio as well as the live video of the launch.

Live coverage of the mission is scheduled to start at 11:45 am on launch day on Wallops Ustream video and audio sites.

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The Antares NG-10 rocket was successfully launched from the Wallops flight center at 4:01 am Saturday, November 17, 2018 from Wallops Island, Virginia. (Photo: Staff Photo by Megan Raymond)

You can access the Status Center with the help of a smartphone, a computer or a tablet with the help of most web browsers, including Safari, Firefox or Chromium. This is not compatible with Explorer.

Launch updates will be available on Wallops' Facebook and Twitter sites.

Launch coverage on NASA TV will begin at 4:15 pm EDT. For information on streaming video, the downlink, and planning for NASA TV, visit:

For more information on the International Space Station, visit:

For more information on Northrop Grumman, his Antares rocket and the Cygnus cargo ship, visit

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