Here's why Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be jealous of Baby Sussex


Every member of the royal family is important, but some members of the family are more important than others with regard to royalty. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to host their first child, which means Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are about to have their first cousin. But it is possible that the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton are jealous of Baby Sussex – here's why.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George
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The children of Will and Kate have a lot of royal responsibility

Prince Charles is next in line for the throne. And according to the royal tradition, the oldest child will one day become king or queen (for a long time, men have taken over the women in terms of succession, but the rules have recently changed). This means that George, being the eldest child, will eventually reign. And if something tragic were to happen to George, it was Charlotte who would take over, then Louis, if that were to result. But the possibility of governing involves a lot of royal responsibilities. Growing up, William always had a lot to do to maintain his almost perfect reputation. This means that Will and Kate's children will not enjoy royal freedom as much as their cousin.

Baby Sussex will not need to follow the same royal rules as his cousins

Baby Sussex's life will be a little more lenient than that of George, Charlotte and Louis. Indeed, Baby Sussex is so far from the throne that he will probably never rule. Think of it this way: the reason why Princess Eugenie can have an Instagram account and Princess Beatrice can live in New York is because the decision chances of one or the other woman are very low. Baby Sussex is a cousin of the future ruler in the same way that Beatrice and Eugenie are the cousins ​​of the future ruler, which means that they do not have such great royal importance.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child in April. | John Phillips / Getty Images

Harry always envied those who did not have to live the royal life

If George, Charlotte and Louis look like Harry, they will certainly bewitch their cousin. When Harry was growing up, he still hated the royal spotlight. After the death of his mother, he remembered having to walk behind his coffin in front of thousands of people while millions of others watched him on television. "I do not think that one has to ask a child to do it, whatever the circumstances," Harry told Newsweek during an interview in 2017. Teen and young adult, Harry's He was a bit skinned because he did not like all the royal rules. Now he has learned that he can use his influence to do good in the world. But growing up, there were times when he did not want to be part of it.

George will have more responsibility than any king of his generation

If someone feels the pressure of growing up, it will be George. George, if he is capable of it, is sure to reign one day; Charlotte and Louis are not. George's life will be very different from that of his cousins, because all his education will prepare him to one day take the throne. While Kate and William try to keep their homes as normal as possible for the kids, George's responsibilities are heavy, and it will grow as he grows up. There will probably be times when these members of the royal family will examine their cousins ​​and wish for a little more freedom.

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