High Roller Wrecking Ball is the latest revelation of Overwatch Storm Rising's skin

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This hamster is ready to hit the city. Wrecking Ball is the lucky recipient of the brand new skin revealed for the Overwatch Storm Rising event, which runs from April 16th to May 6th.

The skin of the "High Roller" demolition ball has been revealed exclusively by PlayStation today. High Roller, which will be a legendary skin, transforms the traditional blue hamster killing machine into an elegant black, gray and red vehicle with shiny golden details. Hammond himself is offered a brand new outfit with a gold helmet and really cool sunglasses. If not, how can he handle the spark of this skin?

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Roll with style ?️ Discover the skin of Hammond's big demolition ball, which will arrive in Overwatch on April 16th: https://t.co/mRHFStuyub https://t.co/WHPp1DC2pO

Wrecking Ball is the code name of Hammond, one of the animals that received genetic alteration treatment on the Horizon Lunar colony with his tank mate Winston. After the fall of the colony, Hammond travels to Junkertown and uses his superior intelligence to create the Wrecking Ball machine. This is the second skin of Wrecking Ball, which has been transformed into jack-lantern for Halloween.

the Overwatch The Storm Rising event will run from April 16 to May 6 and will articulate around a mission in which Tracer, Genji, Mercy and Winston must regain the brains behind Talon, Maximilian. Skin revelations are coming at a steady pace – Wrecking Ball is the second hero to receive a skin today, after the revelation of Deadlock McCree. According to Overwatch Site archive, there are four skins to unveil.

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