High school student in North Carolina dies from bacterial meningitis, officials say


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STANLY COUNTY, N.-C. – Officials said that a student from South Stanly High School had died of bacterial meningitis, the WSOC reported.

District officials said that after being informed by the student's family on Monday, they immediately contacted the local health authorities, who then called the state for advice.

They said that the student had recently been transferred from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District.

"The loss of such a young life leaves me speechless and in deep prayer for the family, the community, and the school," said Superintendent Dr. Jeff James, according to WSOC.

The following message was sent home to parents:

"Parents, this message is meant to inform you that there has been a confirmed case of bacterial meningitis at South Stanly High School. According to our local health department, the period during which other students could have contracted the disease is now over. In addition, the Department of Health has indicated that there is currently no preventive measure to be taken by the school. However, as a precaution, we will send your student information about bacterial meningitis. If you think your student has symptoms of bacterial meningitis, please consult your health care provider immediately. Although we firmly believed that it was only one case of the disease, we wanted to make sure that all parents were informed of the situation so that they could react quickly to any health problem. If you have any questions, you can contact the school nurse at 704-961-4100 or the school administration at the same number.

I spoke to a family member and expressed our condolences for this tragic loss. The student was with us only for nine days.

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