High SEC Championship tickets averaged

Tickets for the Alabama-Georgia match this weekend, a national championship game, suggest it will be the second game of the most expensive SEC championship since 2011. According to TicketIQ, the aftermarket posts tickets for an average $ 776. At one week of the national championship, tickets cost $ 4,283 on average. The 2012 SEC Championship game between Alabama and Georgia resulted in tickets getting an average of $ 602.

The SEC final between Auburn and Georgia averaged $ 945. This is the only brand higher than this year.

On a larger scale, the SEC Championship Game is also the most expensive conference title game of the season. The Big 12 of Texas and Oklahoma is selling for $ 331. The Big Ten (Ohio State and Northwestern) is $ 211. The ACC (Clemson and Pitt) is $ 105. The Pac-12 (Washington and Utah) costs $ 90.

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