Highlights of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's "Legendary Christmas"


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If you're one of the many people who can literally not get tired of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, know that they've created a complete Christmas special for NBC featuring all their favorite friends.

In the variety show, John plays songs from his new album "A Legendary Christmas," while both "prepare" for a Christmas party. Here are the highlights of the 42 minutes of absolute happiness they have dedicated to us.

When Kris Jenner surprises Chrissy with gifts

Your favorite mom rushes to drop a gift for Chrissy: custom headbands with the "Khrissy" headband for all guests at her party, of course! "Everything is better written with a" K & # 39; " Kris explained. "Is not it fantastic?" Really yes.

Chrissy also signs a contract making Kris his mother, as it is so that the Kardashian-Jenner family gets it completed.

When John and Chrissy surprise people by singing at home

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John, Chrissy, Darren Criss, Meghan Trainor, Raphael Saadiq and Jane Lynch go door-to-door in an unsuspecting neighborhood while singing Christmas carols. One guy is so surprised that he even says incredulous: "John Legend ?! Do you sing in the garden?" There is also a very cute cameo from a neighborhood pupper named Lady.

When a girl tells John that "La La Land" is her favorite movie, Chrissy takes the opportunity to roast it by saying, "Okay, he had a small role at first." He won an Oscar for his performance, ICYMI.

When Luna FaceTimes with Kenan Thompson and the entire cast of Weird eye

Kenan was super disappointed that he could not get to John and Chrissy's party, so he calls John to tell him "Merry Christmas". John has to pass it on to Luna, who watches adoringly without answering any of Kenan's questions – you know, because she's two years old. She ends up hanging it up, but it's still so cute.

the Weird eye Guys call later to make sure that Chrissy's party planning is going well. When she does not answer, they also talk to Luna.

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The complete video clip of the version of John and Esperanza Spalding entitled "Have you a happy little Christmas"

There are many cute kiddos doing various Christmas activities. Happy Holidays to all.

When John and Chrissy make an entire video of their flirtation

John plays his song "Bring Me Love" and the lyrics describe someone who hopes their love will come to them for Christmas. Chrissy naturally participates in the performance because she is her love and that it's actually only three minutes in a row cute in all-white outfits with fur accents. Do not say more.



N / A to John and Chrissy for providing * the most * enthusiasm imaginable. Cheers!

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