Highlights of the NBA, highlights: James Harden loses 58 points against Heat; Sixers survive Thunder behind Tobias Harris


The Golden State Warriors beat the Orlando Magic 30-11 in the third quarter and looked set to win with Kevin Durant to rest. However, the Warriors scored only 15 points in the last quarter and were the losers of the game. This is the third defeat in four games for the defending champions and their second consecutive game.

The Philadelphia 76ers battled the Oklahoma City Thunder in a match where Joel Embiid and Paul George both missed the game due to injuries. The Thunder erased a double-digit deficit to return to the game, but the Sixers were too far behind Tobias Harris at 32 points.

Meanwhile, James Harden presented a show against the Miami Heat with 58 points and three points tied with his career high. The Rockets have won a difficult victory.

In addition, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the New York Knicks in a match that could have been called Zion Williamson's bowl. The Indiana Pacers also survived the Minnesota Timberwolves with 37 points less than Bojan Bogdanovic. Karl-Anthony Towns completed the stats sheet with 42 points, 17 rebounds and four assists for the Timberwolves in the loss.

The Utah Jazz closed the night with a bitter win against the Denver Nuggets, who are currently at the top of the Western Conference. Five players from Utah finished double digit and Donovan Mitchell led the team with 24 points.

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Korver dazzles from afar

Kyle Korver has always had the chic to knock down the 3 points without much space. The sniper guard once again against the Nuggets, while he managed six 3 in the night to finish with 22 points.

Gobert throws one with authority

Rudy Gobert is certainly one of the most underrated centers in the NBA. While being known for his defense, Gobert threw this huge slam dunk with two hands in the second quarter against the Nuggets.

Jokic sets up Plumlee for an easy slam

Nikola Jokic can really do anything for the Nuggets. Although he had the knack for scoring basketball, the great star featured this superb pass to Mason Plumlee, who dropped a two-handed slam dunk against the Jazz.

Harris leads the 76ers after Thunder

Without Joel Embiid in training, Tobias Harris is given a mission to take advantage. Harris finished with 32 points and five points with three points in a win for the 76ers.

Harden explodes for 58 points in victory

James Harden was chic to score points this season since he scored 30 points or more in 32 consecutive games before the series was broken earlier this week. harden left for 58 points against the Heat and the Rockets needed each of them to win a victory.

Wade certainly still

Dwyane Wade definitely proved this week that he had a lot of gas left in the tank. After nailing a winning 3 point game on Wednesday, he falsified Clint Capela and Austin Rivers and converted a layup that looked pretty routine on Thursday.

Simmons lays a strong slam

The 76ers really had a stellar first half in which they led to double digits on the Thunder. On this piece, Philadelphia gave the impression that it was easy for a passing player and it resulted in a slam dunk voice to a Ben Simmons hand.

Harden launches one from the logo

James Harden has never been afraid to pitch a tough 3 during his NBA career. However, Harden tried to get out of the "parking lot" in the first quarter against the Heat, which seemed incredibly easy.

The cousins ​​cradle the edge

DeMarcus Cousins ​​has been a mixed bag since returning to court for the Warriors. However, he turned out to be the real player who made the difference in the third quarter against the Magic with 10 points in the frame, including that backing thunder.

Robinson swings the edge on alley-oop

The New York Knicks have not had a lot of bright spots this season, but rookie Mitchell Robinson has certainly been one of them recently. Robinson was involved from the start by throwing a slam dunk monster on an alley of his teammate Emmanuel Mudiay.

Cities explode for 23 points in the first quarter

It's really hard to expect a better start than the one Karl-Anthony Towns had against the Pacers. The cities exploded to 23 points in the first quarter and failed in 8 of 16 attempts.

Gordon throws a thunderclap

It's no secret that Aaron Gordon can run slam dunks with the best of them, and that's one of the reasons why the Magic sees him as an important part of their future. In the first quarter against the Warriors, Gordon had room and dropped a fierce slam dunk in one hand.

Curry puts the defense on skates

The Warriors did not have a stellar start match against the Magic. However, Stephen Curry had understood that, including that sensational strike in which he made his way through the entire Orlando defense.

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