Highlights of Week 2 of the AAF: The Apollos return to beat the commanders in shooting, the top of the fleet, Legends

Week 2 of the AAF season is officially listed in the books. If nothing else, the matches were a lot closer this time than in Week 1. We also got the first candidate for the game of the season thanks to a fun shootout between the Apollos of the United States. Orlando and the Commanders of San Antonio. The Sunday afternoon game featured 66 points, the first 300 yard passer of the season (Garrett Gilbert of Orlando) as well as the first catcher of 100 yards of the year (Charles Johnson).

This match was followed by the Atlanta Legends, who went on the road for the second week in a row as they battled the San Diego fleet. In the pouring rain, the fleet finally scored its first touchdown of the season and managed to get away from the Legends, 24-12.

CBS Sports has accompanied you every step of the way. Here is an overview of the highlights and scenarios of Sunday.


Orlando Apollos 37, Commanders of San Antonio 29
San Diego Fleet 24, Atlanta Legends 12

Iron Birmingham 12, Salt Lake City Stallions 9
Arizona Hotshots 20, Memphis Express 18

Check these …

How on earth was this a complete pass?

Week 2 has been rich in highlights, but no match so far has been as improbable as the completion of San Diego quarterback Phillip Nelson to striker Gavin Escobar. It was a classic achievement of "no no no no no no no … yes!" variety. Nelson was not even looking in the direction of Escobar when he threw it. And yet, it mattered all the same. In addition, the fleet scored later in training – its first touchdown of the season – with a 24-12 win. Better to be lucky than good, apparently.

The legends look much better than in week 1

The Atlanta Legends scored more points in the first quarter on Sunday than in their first match. It started with a Younghoe Koo placement and then the Legends picked up the ball immediately after receiving a bad pass from quarterback Philip Nelson of the San Diego fleet. For his part, quarterback Matt Atlanta Simms found Malachi Jones for the first Legends touchdown of the season and a 9-0 lead in the first quarter.

Two touchdown quick shot gives Orlando head

The Apollos played from behind all day, but Orlando managed a quick shot at two touchdowns. First, quarterback Garrett Gilbert hit Jalin Marshall for a touchdown that gave the tie to 29. The two-point conversion was not good. At the time of scoring, Gilbert totaled 393 yards and two touchdowns, one against Marshall and one against Charles Johnson.

Then, at the next San Antonio possession, back defender Keith Reaser spotted Logan Woodside and brought him home for a touchdown. The Apollo defense flirts with an interception all day, and you're not going to find a bigger one than that.

Mbu gives AAF his first great touch of being human

The shootout between Orlando and San Antonio now has everything to enjoy thanks to a defensive touch by Joey Mbu. The defensive lineman commanders scooped a ball into the bag of the Apollos quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, and sent him back for a touchdown to give the commanders a two-digit lead. This is not the first defensive touchdown of the AAF, but it has been the most entertaining so far.

Charles Johnson proving that it is a mismatch

Jalin Marshall is not the only one to dwell on the Apollo attack. Charles Johnson was the most impressive player on the field. He made huge catches, including a touchdown in the second quarter to put his team at 17-15 against the Commanders. Johnson had a great road going, including that double shot for the score.

Apollos returns with a game of vertical passes

Orlando could have the most exciting pass-through game of any team in the Alliance. The relationship between quarterback Garrett Gilbert and receiver Jalin Marshall has been exciting to watch and the two are already training for big games against the commanders. The shot from the center of the field, 57 yards deep, led to a shot at goal that put the Apollos within three points.

Marquise Williams takes over at QB for Commanders

Do not forget that AAF is a development league, and San Antonio coach Mike Riley literally takes that term. Riley replaced starting quarterback Logan Woodside by former North Carolina signal caller Marquise Williams in the second quarter to give Williams a few reps. While making such a change while Woodside had just directed two scoring attempts seemed counterintuitive, Riley claimed that he appreciated what he had seen from Williams at the training. And, of course, Williams showed his wheels during big maneuvers to keep the chains moving. The first San Antonio training with Williams at the bar ended in a 50-yard field goal.

Kenneth Farrow imposes for the first touchdown in San Antonio

When you are a brand new football league, scripted commands should not be taken for granted. And yet, the first offensive possession of the commanders went exactly to the scenario. San Antonio showed a remarkable balance against Orlando, closing the score with a climax and jumping by running back Kenneth Farrow. The reader had a bit of everything: some inside, some dishes outside, a small area to read. With a second touchdown at the end of the first quarter, the commanders led 12-0.

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