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Highlights with the characters can not save an episode of Jessica Jones

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The good news about "A.K.A I did something today" is that Jessica really feels like she's like her. She is once again confronted with an impossible and incredibly frustrating scenario, but she tackles it with intelligence, empathy and practically pitiless sense, rather than petulance at a note that defined her in the previous episode. The bad news about "A.K.A I Do Something Today" is that this episode sends it on a rather gloomy journey.

It may be just the exhaustion of thorny critics (watching and replaying so much content so quickly is nothing if not a single viewing experience!), But I found this episode very difficult to do pass. Unsurprisingly, Trish did not stop cutting Sallinger's throat during the previous episode, although she brutally beat him without his mask, which allowed Sallinger to capture his identity on film. He uses this image as a lever against Jessica: he will keep Trish's identity secret if Jessica destroys the DNA evidence linking him to Nathan's murder.


Although Jessica knows that Trish would be willing to go to prison to repress Sallinger, she can not bear the thought of seeing the only family she let go on The Raft. She accepts Sallinger's conditions and the episode becomes an extremely annoying waiting game as we see Jessica understand the logistics of sneaking into a criminological lab in Queens to destroy the locks of hair discovered on the wall. Nathan's body. Jessica's ultimate plan is based on the fact that two highly qualified people leave crucial evidence of unprotected DNA in a laboratory while evacuating a biological risk are proof that there is not much there . Of course, I chuckled watching Jessica play the world's crudest game: "the floor is lava" after causing a backup of sewage, but it's not enough to last an entire episode.

What's frustrating about my general reaction to "AKA I Did Something Today" is that, scene by scene, it's actually one of the best-written, best-made episodes of the season . This episode contains an absolutely fantastic character work, like the sequence in the hotel room in which Jessica gently occupies Trish almost catatonic or the scene in which Erik recounts the horrific experience of & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; To use his powers to discover his father's incestuous sexual abuse. and have all his family destroyed because of that. The scene where Costa comes to Jessica's door to silently announce a mountain of bad news is carefully written by Lisa Randolph and beautifully performed by Krysten Ritter and John Ventimiglia. The problem is that these strong scenes are at the service of a long story of a season that is getting boring to watch.

Part of the reason why I loved the first four episodes of this season so much is that they presented this same kind of fleshy character without a darker narrative to train them. This particular episode made me dream of a really procedural season of Jessica Jones, one that featured these characters and moral issues, but in a setting that is not so closely related to a boring Big Bad.

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Jessica Jones It did not make me realize that Sallinger is really an intellectual brain. His victories seem fortuitous or accidental rather than shocking and intelligent. In fact, according to this episode, he would have actively miscalculated the fact that it would be Trish who would follow him, not Jessica. The fact that Trish does not wear his mask when she attacked and that Jessica arrived just in time to prevent him from killing him are two things he was very lucky in, not intentional parts of his plan. And what was his initial plan anyway? Was he going to let Jessica murder him and then use his photo shoot for revenge beyond the grave? This hardly makes it seem like a criminal brain that can not be stopped.

Speaking of murder …

Each season of these Marvel Netlix shows comes about every time I wish our non-lethal heroes just call Frank Castle for help with the assassination, as the stringent ethical rules of this season must pass to justify the maintenance of Sallinger alive is ridiculous. . If Jessica is absolutely determined not to let Trish go to jail to legally capture Sallinger, it is clear that the most ethical of his remaining options is to kill Sallinger rather than letting him kill countless people for a long time. countless years. Yet, for whatever reason, Sallinger's departure debate focuses solely on the injustice of not paying for his past crimes, and not on the threat of future damage he could inflict on society.

Speaking also of murder …

I knew that one episode of this spinning wheel had to end with a big cliffhanger for the season to pick up, and I was letting go of my head to try to figure out what it could be. Is Dorothy still alive? Could Trish find a huge clue in her mother's apartment? No, instead the cliffhanger is that Erik has murdered the random fiendish cop that has been featured in this episode, and Jessica may be blamed for that. Which one … agree? It sounds more like a shrug than a big unveiling, but I guess anything that gets us away from Sallinger and moves on to something new is a good thing.

Observations lost

  • Kith's son, Laurent, is a pretty well-written character, but you can feel that actor Michael Hsu Rosen is doing everything in his power to give a bizarre touch and personality to his performance, and I appreciate that .
  • The whole of Mr. O. of Erik That he made black people sing without knowing their crimes. Yet, in this episode, he has a complete record of all the faults of Constable Carl Nussbaumer.
  • Hogarth continues to be incredibly interesting in his moments of character dramas nuanced to incredibly uninteresting in his moments of wickedness to a note. In other words, she is better as an antihero than an anti-hero. In this episode, she finds Kith (at least on a professional level) and discovers Trish's secret identity in the non-replicated film that Malcolm gives him at the time of his resignation.
  • I presume that the fact that Trish hired Hogarth as a lawyer causes a conflict of interest. Hogarth can not shoot his own client, right?
  • While cleaning Sallinger's blood under Trish's nails, Jessica canned a little on a tissue. Expect the bloody Kleenex from Chekov to bear fruit later.

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