Hinch ejected a pitch after Astros hit the coach


ARLINGTON, Texas – Houston Astros coach AJ Hinch and coach / trainer Alex Cintron have been sent off after consecutive throws for playing balls and strikes in the second leg of the 4-0 loss on Wednesday , in Texas.

According to referee team leader Jerry Meals, who was working at third base, the Astros canoe "practically exploded" after a shot on the first pitch thrown at Tyler White early in the second.

Hinch then went out after the plate umpire, Ron Kulpa, headed for the canoe. At first, no one was ejected, but shortly after the coach returned to the dugout and before the next pitch, Cintron was still chirping and was tossing.

When Hinch was asked if he was unhappy that Kulpa kept looking at the canoe, the manager replied, "Yes, I think things could have been handled differently." has social media, everyone has a show, so everyone knows what happened. "

A throw later, after another whistle, Hinch was ejected and left the canoe for a lively discussion with Kulpa. Hinch was led by coach Joe Espada, who was appointed acting director.

"So we know that you are fighting balls and strikes, that's one thing." When you're ejected more aggressively, it's disappointing, "Hinch said.

In recovery, Kulpa seemed to say "I can do what I want" while addressing Hinch.

"That's what he said, and it's apparently what he meant," Hinch said. "He's at the helm, and obviously you make a scene I guess so everyone has to be careful, but we'll let the league fix the problem."

The meals indicated that Kulpa had warned the Astros bench to "knock him over" and had said that to Hinch when he was out for the first time.

"It was all because of the canoe that was complaining about the sites," Meals said of the ejections.

In the bottom of the first match, the Astros and starter Gerrit Cole were upset by a fast 2-2 ball against Joey Gallo who called a ball. Gallo finally drew a walk of two outings but did not score.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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