Hispanic Civil Rights Icon Approves President Harris

Huerta, who gave way to the national forefront in the 1960s as co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association in California, said Harris's vision was "exactly what we should expect from the next president of the United States" .

This endorsement is a major victory for Harris, whose past as Attorney General and Federal Attorney has sometimes raised questions about his social justice skills.

"Throughout her career, she has fought on behalf of vulnerable people to encourage them to create innovative programs to help first-time offenders obtain education and skills training to prevent recidivism, to require California and New Brunswick. our country protects immigrant communities the opportunity to fully contribute to the country they love, "Huerta said Friday.

Since its announcement in January, Harris has surpassed other Democratic candidates by collecting endorsements and setting up a major campaign structure.

A day after his announcement on January 28, Harris was presented at a CNN City Hall, in the state of Iowa where voters had voted early.

Support in California is likely to play a disproportionate role in next year's Democratic primaries, with the state postponing its election date to March.

Huerta's approval helps Harris with several blocks of key voters, including Hispanics, Progressives and labor organizations.

"I have spent my entire career defending workers' rights, immigrant rights, women's rights and on behalf of the LBGTQ community because I believe that our country has only the opportunities we offer to all our communities. Senator Kamala Harris is the right leader to expand these opportunities as President and I am proud to support her, "said Huerta.

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