History of Botox, Toxin, Medical Treatment and Successful Beauty


Mitchell Brin has a license plate that says "Botox".

Brin has been researching Botox since 1984 and is currently the Botox Scientific Director of Allergan Pharmaceuticals. This is one of its many Botox-related registration plates, including some more scientific signs, like the one that bears the mention "Snap-25". It is a reference to a protein that is affected by botulinum toxin A, which relaxes the forehead when used at the right doses.

"Botox is a major component of my life," Brin told Business Insider.

Brin is one of the scientists who has been considering Botox since its inception as a potential treatment for muscle disorders until it is today – a leading pharmaceutical drug known for its aesthetic uses such as smoothing wrinkles on the face patients.

Here is the story of how a toxic toxin has become a successful treatment for everything from wrinkles to migraines.

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