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Hobbs and Shaw Box Office Tracking Predicts $ 65 Million Opening – / Movie

Hobbs and Shaw Ticketing

The beginning Hobbs and Shaw the box office tracking forecasts are, and it turns out that Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) does not seem to have quite the same call without the rest of the Fast and furious #family. The first spin-off of the Quick franchise is currently on track to pull between $ 55-65 millions of euros during its opening weekend – far from The fate of the furious, which took off and exceeded $ 98 million when it opened in 2017.

The box office king of the Fast furious the franchise is up to here Furious 7, the only entry to be led by James Wan and the last to present Paul Walker, deceased during production, as a federal criminal officer, Brian O'Connor. It became clear that Walker was the emotional glue that kept these stories together, and I'm very curious to see if Fast 9 and Fast 10 to make a satisfactory conclusion to this saga of more than 20 years without him. But before you get there, Hobbs and Shaw will return to the theaters and all eyes will be on him to see if the benefits of this franchise are as viable as Universal hopes.

assume Hobbs and Shaw crosses the finish line at the top of the forecasts and makes $ 65 million in the domestic market during its first days on the bill. Here's how it would compare to the balance sheet of the opening weekend of the rest of the franchise:

Furious 7: $ 147,187,040
The fate of the furious: $ 98,786,705
Fast & Furious 6: $ 97,375,245
Fast Five: $ 86,198,765
Fast and furious: $ 70,950,500
Fast and Furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw: $ 65,000,000
2 fast 2 Furious: $ 50,472,480
The fast and the furious: $ 40,089,015
The fast and the furious: Tokyo Drift: $ 23,973,840

It would be a medium to medium ranking: finally respectable for a spin-off, but nothing brilliant. For $ 65 million, Dwayne Johnson would also be the fifth opening weekend of his career (the top four places are also Quick movies), and for Statham it would be the third highest (with the two highest totals also of Quick movies).

Do not forget that all these figures relate only to North America. Hobbs and Shaw also has global appeal (in Japan, its title translates into Wild Speed: Super combo), and especially for any modern blockbuster seeking to maximize its profits, it will open in China a few weeks after its debut in the United States. So, although the national totals of the film may not be enough to convince you to deviate from the cast, I guess that overall, everything will be fine and will be the first of Quick spin-offs in theaters.

Hobbs and Shaw strikes American theaters on August 2, 2019.

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