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Hobbs & Shaw 'will open at the box office with more than $ 60 million – Deadline

Universal Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw landed on the runway this morning and the film is expected to yield between $ 55 and $ 65 million. The photo of Dwayne Johnson-Jason Statham will open on August 2, mainly in 64 countries around the world, and China in the future on August 23.

Some factors to consider here about the movie of more than 200 million dollars: First, it is a fallout, hence the openings lower than 97 million dollars of the last two Fast furious movies. Even if Sony Spider-Man: far from home surpassed its OO. With a goal of $ 185 million over 6 days, there is still a concern in the field of distribution / exposure, namely that we are in a funky market in the United States. Many still wonder if Disney The Lion King will set an opening record in July north of $ 169M +. At the top of this morning projection, Hobbs & ShawThe national debut would take place under the start of August, as The Bourne Ultimatum ($ 69.2 million) and Rush hour 2 ($ 67.4 million). Natch, it's about Hobbs & ShawThe global opening here for Universal: The fate of the furious Two years ago, the value of opening rose to $ 541.9 million, the third highest global opening of all time, but was reinforced by China, which generated $ 185 million over the weekend 1.

There are tips that Hobbs & Shaw could over-index. Since the launch of the marketing campaign, the public interest for the main follow-up measures continues to grow. The proof is that the number of views of the second trailer has increased compared to the first, with 284 million previous global views and the remaining 391 million views. This is rarely the case on the second trailers, the last one having been Spider-Man: Away from home. Including the number of views of Hobbs & ShawIn Trailer 3, there have been more than 735 million global trailer views to date.

For this summer, Hobbs & Shaw"The debut is likely to be the best outside a Disney-branded movie or a movie based on the superhero IP. Year to date, Universal We is the movie that does not earn the most revenue and is not part of the superheroes, with $ 71.1 million.

Hobbs & Shaw follows Fast furious The rivals Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Statham) must form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically improved villain threatens the future of our world.

The Fast & Furious The franchise has won $ 8 billion at the WW box office through eight movies and remains the franchise of all time Universe. Movies are a huge winner with diverse audiences. Sure The fate of the furious, For the last picture, the Afro-American and Hispanic audience accounted for almost half of the audience during the opening weekend, with Asians accounting for 13%.

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