Homeland Security Contacts Former stylist R. Kelly in an investigation into human trafficking


R. Kelly

Homeland Security Contacts Former Stylist

Trafficking in human beings

01/03/2019 00h50 PST


Federal R. Kelly Investigations are proliferating – agents specializing in human trafficking cases have now made contact with Kelly's former stylist, who has connections with two ex-singers of the singer.

Sources close to a celebrity stylist Kash Howard Tell TMZ … Ministry of Homeland Security officials contacted Kash on Wednesday and wanted to schedule an appointment with her. It seems that the call was caused by a video that was broadcast all over YouTube this week.

In the video, Kash is driving a car with two of Kelly's ex-girlfriends, Halle Calhoun and Vonecia Andrews, while they talk to a media about their relationship with the singer. Vonecia, aka Vee, sobbed throughout the video, as our sources say that Kash recorded last year.

We made contact with Kash, and she stated: "Mr. Kelly hired me as a personal fashion designer, where I headed the wardrobe for the concerts, the cover sessions of Albums and special appearances Our business relationship ceased in March 2017. "

She also tells us that she was in the video only because she offered moral support to Halle and Vonecia.

As for Kelly legal battleKash says, "Mr. Kelly faces very troubling accusations, and although I have never witnessed wrongdoing, I support those who are searching for the truth."

TMZ broke the story … the federal government has two separate US Attorney Offices investigations in progressand will meet Joycelyn SavageParents of, who say that they have "physical evidence" to return.

We are told that the DHS has also contacted the Indians and that agents are in contact with Kash's attorney to arrange the meeting with her.

Kelly's lawyer, Steven GreenbergThe response of the survey to the survey is: "It's their job. But since they are studying something, no one should certainly infer that there is evidence of committing a crime or wrongdoing. "

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