Homicides in Chicago fell by almost half in January and February compared to last year


There have been 44 homicides to date, up from 80 at the same time last year, a 44% decrease, Chicago police said in a statement. So far, 214 shootings took place in January and February, up from 282 in the first two months of last year. The number of casualties by bullet also decreased, with 253 in 2019, against 345 last year, police said.

In February, killings and shootings dropped by 40 percent compared to the same period last year, officials said.

Chicago is plagued by violent crime and has attracted unwanted attention against illicit acts, such as weekend crimes. But the police said it was trying to solve the problem.

"The crime data for February provides strong evidence that the Chicago police are on track to improve public safety," said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, highlighting the success of "building partnerships with neighborhood ", the reinforcement of the workforce and the deployment of" new technologies. "

The ministry reported on the efforts of the Community Police Bureau to "work with victims of domestic violence" and "adolescents to focus on prevention". New officers have been added and the ministry has announced plans to hire more officers.

New technology is in place to speed up the response time, which improves "apprehension rates," said the ministry.

The police use "live video feeds from security cameras throughout the district, as well as gun detection systems that allow analysts to locate the shooting location." This information is then passed directly to the agents by the police. Intermediary of mobile technology ".

Police also said that robberies, burglaries and motor vehicle theft were "at their lowest level since 2000".

And the reported force has progressed in the seizure of illegal firearms.

Police have seized more than 1,600 illegal firearms so far this year, an increase of 6% over the same period last year.

"It's an illegal gun taken off the street every 53 minutes," police said.

Police have captured more than 60 assault weapons this year, an increase of 15% over 2018.

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