Honda Civic 2022 sedan leaked in new spy photos


2022 Honda Civic Sedan Spy Photo 03

The new Civic sedan is a real looker.

Civic Forum XI

Here’s another great look at the next one Honda Civic 2022. With all the leaks and spy photos circulating lately, the redesigned version of this ever-popular little car is one of the worst-kept secrets in the auto industry these days. New photos of the sedan model were shared on the Civic XI Forum last week.

The reworked Civic 2022 comes in two colors: one would be Platinum White and the other Lunar Silver, although the two shades look quite similar in the dim light of these spy photos. This crop of new Civic appears to be strapped to the back of a car transporter, likely leaving a manufacturing facility in Japan.

As we have seen in other spy photos of the new Civic and as the prototype model that was unveiled late last year portends, this car looks better than the current model. Indeed, the overall design is tidy and simple, with no wacky frills or unnecessary additions. The rear of the sedan looks timeless and elegant, with a subtle spoiler apparently integrated into the rear trunk lid.

At the front, the Civic 2022 features a simple face with rectangular headlight assemblies flanking a small upper grille. At the bottom there is a much larger air opening, which flares out at the bottom, reminiscent of the Toyota corolla, one of the main rivals of this car. Expect this again Honda fight with other small cars like expressive Hyundai elantra, Volkswagen’s maturity Jetta, the curvy Mazda3 and the very functional although a little dull Subaru Impreza.

The current 10th gen Civic is arguably already the best small car you can buy in Murica these days, and it’s a good bet that Honda has further refined and improved the race for 2022. The Capital H is almost infallibly consistent when it comes to the introduction of new products: they are almost always better than their predecessors and are often segment leaders. If or when the coupe or hatchback models of the new Civic will be revealed, everyone’s guessing, although we eagerly await the opportunity to look at the leaked photos.

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