Hook and hunt: the season of deer guns is coming to an end


Friday is the last day of the deer season in Michigan.

This is the end of one of the deer hunting seasons offered to hunters.

The number of deer harvested in the state will not be available until the end of the deer season.

So far this season, the DNR has stated that license sales were down, but this did not affect the number of deer brought to the deer check posts across l & # 39; state.

"Licensing sales were down slightly, about 1% this year. Last year we were down but more deer were harvested. We're looking a bit at what this season will bring, but we only know that more and more deer are entering deer checkpoints this season, "said Katie Keen, wildlife communications coordinator for MNR.

There is still more than a month of deer season.

The late archery starts this Saturday and reloads from December 7th.



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