Hospital staff member hospitalized for "very quick infection"

LINCOLN, Nb. – The Bright Beginnings Daycare is deep cleaning today and advises non-immune children to stay away after the intervention of an in-patient for a "very fast transmission infection".

Infiglottitis, caused by a rare bacterial infection, is transmitted by air – coughing or sneezing – to a day care worker by a carrier who may not be symptomatic or even suffering from the disease.

According to a letter sent by the day care center, "(the worker) is currently in the hospital sedated and has been intubated."

The letter to the families also mentioned the daycare's decision to remain open: "In light of this information, we had planned to close the center for the rest of the week in order to carry out a thorough cleaning, but after careful consideration, we have decided that our families will have huge difficulties and will not do it.We will take the time, today and in the coming days, to thoroughly clean as much as possible while taking care of the children.Every surface will be disinfected and washing machine or disinfectant when possible. "

The letter also stated that the official who had contracted epiglottitis had been vaccinated against Haemophilus influenzae type b, also called Hib, which is a common cause of infection by epiglottitis.

The letter advised families with children who were not immune to Hib to keep their children at home or to have them taken care of elsewhere.

Children infected with epiglottitis would have symptoms that may include:

high fever

mild symptoms when you lean forward or sit upright

irritated throat

a hoarse voice


difficulty swallowing

painful swallowing


breathe by mouth

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