Hot Cop Husband Miranda Lambert Reached Viral Celebrity in 2015

Miranda Lambert

Hot Cop Hub already has become viral

… Dancin 'on the street

20/02/2019 11:00 PST

Miranda LambertThe new police officer's husband is no stranger to the game of fame – in fact, his 15-minute follow-up since 2015 and a little trick called "Cupid Shuffle".

Brendan McLoughlin – who was already working for NYPD a few years ago – was quoted as the "hot cop" who participated in the Cupid Shuffle during the Pride Weekend in New York.

Agent McLoughlin was filmed on camera doing his homework … he walked right, left, left, left while hanging out with a group of civilians, including women who could not resist his movements.

I can not blame these ladies … it's a guy in uniform. In fact, he had even become a model to the black at the time. I do not know if he always does it.

As we reported … Brendan has been temporarily foot patrol and placed on the duty of the driver because of the media attention that he draws following his surprise wedding in Miranda.

No more flash dancing in this guy's street, at least not in uniform. We guess that Miranda gets private shows.

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